Active but not quite “fit”ting in…

Growing up I was always on the heavy side, way on the heavy side. Not only that but despite wanting to be active I was never very athletic. I remember running the mile for field hockey and being the very last one every year. I’m pretty sure one of my times was 26:00(for one mile!). First off I had the absolute honor of being horrible at something in middle school, feeling judged by your peers is awesome and when you are a pre teen it’s even better. I felt fat, out of shape, and like everyone knew I was the worst. It’s not that I needed to be the first one to finish, but I remember thinking I just wanted to be better. In high school I enjoyed the more artistic life, doing marching band and the school musical. Which made me feel active, but I was never fit. This was probably because I would eat in between school and rehearsals, and then of course have second dinner (and dessert) when I came home. All through high school I tried to lose weigh, not necessary feel good or be healthy, and I tried a lot. I would workout at the local gym, but that would never stick, then I would go to Weight Watchers on and off. 

Through college and adulthood until recently I followed my pattern of saying I’ll be a hardcore gym rat and going on Weight Watchers, also throw in spurts of strict calorie counting, the Special K diet (the cereal not the drug), and Slim Quick. Side note if you don’t know Slim Quick is suppose to naturally curb your appetite, well it naturally tastes like battery acid and when you sneeze the residue from it comes out your nose. Lost some weight but felt so gross. 

Then I found out two things that I didn’t really pay attention to, but should have. First was that I REALLY enjoyed certain kinds of exercise. I loved me some Zumba and some slow running. Second was that I loved cooking healthy recipes. Well I loved cooking anything healthy or not, but I loved the colors of the fresh produce and found it enjoyable to try new things. But for some reason I couldn’t parlay that into a healthy life style. What the hell was up with me? I would do a 5k and then go months without moving. Or meal prep some delicious salads, only to have an eating contest alone (I’m always the winner or maybe I’m always the loser?). My fiancé bought me a Fitbit, which I love. So why wasn’t I being more active in challenges? Breaking all the step records? 

A week ago it all hit me. I had trained and successfully finished my first 15k. That’s 9.3 miles. I did it. I love writing it as much as I love telling it to people. Taking a moment to acknowledge my beautiful big sister who encouraged me sign up and has always tried her best to help me be a fit version of myself. I resisted too much. During my training I didn’t go on a diet. I just ate what I thought was healthy and wrote everything down. I mean EVERYTHING, down to that little m&m I shouldn’t have had. Also instead of just running I also did some fun dancing, using Daily Burn and going to Philly Dance Fitness Center (in later posts you will hear about my amazing friend Nikki who introduced me that amazing place). I lost weight and people noticed, but more importantly was that I felt great. I felt energetic, less stressed, and wanting to be more active in my normal day. It left me wanting to read more, try more, and to be more. 

So I decided to be the best fit version of myself. I have been making off scale goals, which I will later share. And most importantly I’ll be sharing my journal here, as I become the best fit version of myself.


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  1. This is awesome! I can’t wait to read more & hope you include some of your healthy recipes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bshanbefit says:

      I surely will! Thank you so much for the positive feedback.


  2. Bethany B says:

    Bridget you are awesome! I will definitely be following this blog – your story may as well be my story. What an inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jamie Alexander says:

    Congratulations Bridget! I can relate to every single word and will be following for some of my own inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

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