Stepping Up My Game: How I Hit My Steps

Title credit goes to my co-worker Kathy, who made the comment on our Fitbit challenge that we were all “stepping up our game”. Yes I am one of those people. The kind with the Fitbit, that are step obsessed and always making sure they “hit” their 10,000 steps. My fiancé bought me my Fitbit Flex 3 and 1/2 years ago. Those first few months were love. Then I would find excuses for not hitting my goal, it was cold out or I’m really tired today. Some days I wouldn’t even wear it because what was the point of seeing such low steps. But around Christmas all that changed. Now I can’t go a day without it. It has become one of my daily fitness tools. A side effect is that I have become pretty addicted to my Fitbit.

One big thing that happened was everyone I worked with got a Fitbit. Ok I am exaggerating when I say everyone. But my fiancé got one, along with most of my closest work friends. This created a whole new workplace camaraderie for us. Every week there is a Workweek Hustle, in which we all playfully encourage and challenge each other’s steps. “Oh, I’m so beating so and so this week!” Or if we see someone walking down the hallway fast or taking the long way to the restroom, we immediately start to run up behind him or her. Also when I boosted my steps it boosted my energy and left me feeling great. Now I am crushing these Fitbit Challenges, and finding myself the one to beat at work. It’s been a great confidence boost.

This month I have taken part in an amazing Fitbit motivator, a check in created by my friend Nikki (follow her Instagram fit_nikki89 for some positive inspiration). Every morning we all check in with a screen shot of our steps. It’s not a challenge. You aren’t trying to beat everyone else; you are posting what you did. Then we offer each other encouragement on the rough days and cheer the good days. It’s such a positive fit community I am so lucky to be a part of. She also will post “extras”, maybe share a healthy recipe we enjoy or a photo of you doing something active on the weekend. It has been something that I look forward to each morning and I love seeing others succeed in their fitness journeys.

It doesn’t have to be a Fitbit but I highly recommend a fitness tracker. It’ll get you moving and is a step in the right direction! Below you will find my top Fitbit step boosts, because you have to walk before you can run.


  1. Pre-work walks with a coworker. I have come to become dependent on my morning walks with my co-worker Karrie. It’s time we get to talk about whatever we want and de stress. When we started it was just us and another co-worker, but now there are 7 of us walking in the mornings.
  2. If it’s nice out, I take a lap around the building after I eat my lunch. I get 30 minutes for lunch, when it usually only takes me 20 to eat. So I take that last 10 minutes to give me a midday walk.
  3. Rest and get a drink during commercials. I have heard some people who walk during commercial breaks. I do the opposite, which is walking during my show. Then when the commercial comes on I grab a drink, take a break, or stretch.
  4. Be helpful! This also good karma. But a co-worker needs something from the copier? Grab it for them. Someone from your family needs something from the fridge at dinner or from another room? Get those quick steps in. They add up.
  5. Find fun places to walk for all weather. If it’s nice weather I have my own neighborhood and a ton of beautiful parks close by. Some rain or snow? I will walk Barnes & Noble, every single aisle of Barnes & Noble. It’s not as active as a brisk walk outside. But it’s better than nothing!




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  1. Jamie says:

    I love this!! You really have stepped up your Fitbit game! I’m going to start walking before I go into work, that sounds like an awesome idea! 👍🏻😎 I joined the wellness committee at work and they would probably drool over the idea, thanks for making me look good in the next meeting 😂👌🏻

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