Jumping Into A Challenge

So today I embark on the Fit Girl 28 Day Jumpstart. This isn’t a crazy fad diet or a cleanse. The foods on it are all real food, and there are no prepackaged meals. I am just trying something new, and will documenting it here on how it makes me feel inside and out.

For the past few months I have been using a little calendar book to write down everything, and I mean everything, that I eat. I’ve written down the good and the bad, then at the end of the week taken a highlighter and marked things I didn’t think were the best choices. Plus I write down my exercise. Also there is a notes section where I wrote down things to improve upon for the following week. For example it could be portion control, exercise more, eat more veggies, etc. This has been working well and I really am thinking more about the choices I make.

Now today I start the Fit Girls Guide 28 Day Jumpstart. Their ebook is amazing and lays it all out for you. It gives you a series of great recipes for 4 weeks, all the food groups, and the only thing excluded is processed foods. Each week you get new recipes to try, so nothing feels stale. Speaking of stale, I said goodbye to Cheetos yesterday. It was a tough break up. But the recipes look delicious and I’ll be posting some photos along the way. Now don’t go thinking I’m a sell out, or instead of fitness I am thinking of dieting. This is NOT a diet in the sense I am trying to lose weight fast. This is change to my daily diet (look up the definition of diet- the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats). My goal in this is to learn to incorporate more natural foods over processed foods in my everyday life. They also give you 6 daily exercises to do along with the cardio of your choice. But a bigger part of this whole plan is the Fit Girl community. I’ll be posting pictures on my Instagram, as well as other Fit Girls, in a no body shaming photo challenge. It’s all about a positive fit community, instead of being in competition it’s all about lifting each other up. It’s also about being positive with yourself. Before you even start the plan you are write positive goals down (mine is the picture below). It’s basically setting you up for success and telling you if you make a mistake it’s ok. They use the term “get off track”, instead of make a mistake or cheat. Because it’s easy to just get right back on track.

So right now I am excited to try all these news things I read in their ebook. I won’t give it my official stamp of approval until the very end. But I have strong positive feelings about this one. Lastly shout out to my girl Nikki Arnold, fit_nikki89 on Instagram, for telling me about this and being such a strong positive friend in my journey. Let’s do this! 77a8aa2f-2ae4-45fa-9d74-61f680acb7ec


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  1. amazingkb says:

    You can teach me how to do this- maybe we can cook some of these awesome recipes together 🙂


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