Water Wednesday

We all know we need to drink more water. There are now so many different kinds of bottled water; there is even boxed water. I carry a water bottle or jug around with me daily. There are many equations on how much water to drink or how to drink it (warm, with ice, with lemon, etc.). Here are the three main schools of thought I see.

  1. Drink 8 glasses of 8 oz. a day. That is 64 oz. for those that hate math.
  2. Whatever your body weight is, divide that in half. That’s how many oz. you need to be sipping a day.
  3. A gallon a day, which is probably the largest option at 127.9 oz.

But I was wondering just how much everyone else is drinking. Some people at work are doing a gallon challenge, with some people feeling great and others feeling gross. So I asked some of my friends how much water they are drinking. My friends Jess and Nate are both very similar, both carrying around 24 oz. bottles and refilling them throughout the day, which roughly gets them around 90-100 oz. a day. My other friends range from 30-70oz. oz., most saying they feel need to drink more. My friend Michael who performs for Disney was saying he drinks around 64 oz. but feels as though he should be drinking a gallon with his running around. I would guess I hover around 90 oz. a day. My big Bubba mug I take to work is 64 oz., which I drink the whole thing during the work day, then I have water at dinner and while I workout in the evening. Some days I drink less, and other times I drink more. I do feel better when I make sure to drink enough of it.

My recommendation for those looking to hydrate is to sip when you can. Definitely try to hit that 64, but if you are working out or are extremely active then I suggest you up your sipping. Do not go for the gallon right off the bat!!! If you have been drinking only 8 oz. or just one of those 16 oz. water bottles, and you try to jump right to a gallon you might have some bloating and other issues. You should have a glass of water as soon as you wake up, even if it’s just a small one. Then try to have water as your beverage with lunch or dinner, instead of soda or something else. You can make it fun, they have reusable bottles in every color and sparkle, they also have some labeled by the hour to take sips. Or you can always set a cell phone or watch alarm for a reminder. Try to always use a reusable water bottle over disposable bottles for the eco friendly brownie points. The benefits of drinking water are endless. Whatever your water goal might be it’ll leave you feeling fuller, and maybe like you need to use the bathroom. It also helps your bowels, lubricates your joints, and can help your skin. We lose so much without even realizing it, and so we need to maintain our body’s healthy functions.

So cheers and drink up! How much have you been drinking and what’s goal?


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