Moving It With May Music

The song I am jamming out to while I workout lately.


The End of the Jumpstart

A little late but this is about the end of a great 28 days!

My Non-Scale Goals

So in my last post I talked about how much the scale affect me, and decided to come up with 5 solid off non-scale goals. I special shout out to my readers and my awesome friends. Some that took the time to have a group text chain with me to give me great feedback. One…

2 Week Check In- 28 Day Jump Start

Today marks 2 weeks on the 28-Day Jumpstart from Fit Girl. Have I been the perfect Fit Girl? Nope! But one of the mantras you will see is “Progress Not Perfection”, which really helps me from just throwing in the towel. There have been days where my eating has gone off track, or I didn’t…