2 Week Check In- 28 Day Jump Start

Today marks 2 weeks on the 28-Day Jumpstart from Fit Girl. Have I been the perfect Fit Girl? Nope! But one of the mantras you will see is “Progress Not Perfection”, which really helps me from just throwing in the towel. There have been days where my eating has gone off track, or I didn’t do the workout. But in the plan it says if you go off track just jump right back on. Don’t let the whole day crumble, “Oh I’ll get back to it tomorrow since today is a waste.” You get your butt right back into the game. Plus I have had Fit Girl Nikki (my friend since HS, who introduced to me to this awesome way of life), having my back through these past two weeks. So far I view the plan as three different areas: food, workout, and community.

Food has been absolutely amazing! I have been learning more about meal prepping. Now they give you a grocery list at the beginning of every week, a suggested timeline of what to prep on what days, and you get 4 new recipes a week (1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 2 dinners). However, each meal comes with substitutions and twists that make it like having even more options. I have cooked so many new things, and my fiancé Jim is even getting treated to some of this.

My Favorite Meals at Week 2:

Breakfast- Has to be fridge oats. I had heard how awesome they are, and now I am a true believer. I made 3 of them on Sunday, and then 4 on Wednesday night. You layer in the ingredients, give it a stir, and pop it in the fridge. Such an easy grab n’ go breakfast. Cherry Pie flavor is amazing!

Lunch- Roasted veggie power bowl is basically perfection. You get a little bit of roast veggies, which you can change up from day to day. I did some cauliflower ad broccoli, and then some asparagus and zucchini, alternating each day for variety. Add in some brown rice, kale, humus, and protein, and it’s all kinds of delicious. It totally had me filled up, and not feeling ravenous by the end of the workday.

Dinner- This was a tough one because all the dinners are top notch. But if I had to make my choice right now the pumpkin lasagna was a big hit. I made a big batch and portioned it out for the week. It reheated really well, and has my side of protein ready as well. Jim was very skeptical when I said pumpkin lasagna, and even my pickiest co-worker Karrie gave it a taste and liked it!

Workouts were tough! I am very much a cardio junkie. I love my walks, my dance classes, and things of that nature. My upper body strength is non-existent. The way the workouts were laid out, they were only to take about 30 minutes. But boy did I sweat it out during those 30 minutes. You warm up, then do 6 moves (3 sets), and then finish it out with the cardio of your choice. There is an arm day, booty, core, legs, and then a stroll day (your choice of some low impact), that all rotate. My arms are sore after arm day; I love how easy they are to fit in to my schedule. I get in my 30 minutes, and anything else I decide to put in (extra walking, stationary bike, etc) is just the icing on the cake. Apparently I will be making Fit Girl cake in week 4!

The biggest boost of the program has been the community. I literally hear from someone everyday via Instagram. There is a photo challenge, which gives you a daily posting prompt. Then people will randomly post and tag you to see what’s on your plate, asking you to stop and drink some water, or post what makes you feel beautiful. All of it is 100% and a no shaming zone. So everyday I hear positive feedback and encouragement from women just like me. It’s the confidence boost, the kick in the pants, and the camaraderie that I need to get me through this.

I would call these past two full weeks of being a Fit Girl very successful. Not perfect, but definitely great progress on a fitter and happier me. At the very beginning I weighed myself and took measurements, and I won’t be checking them until I am done my 4 weeks. But without all of that I feel more energized and motivated than I have in a long time. I have two more week left, with more awesome recipes, workouts, and awesome Fit Girl fun!

If you are interested go to- https://www.fitgirls.com/


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