Lettuce Turnip the Beet

I had mentioned in a previous post about a group that my friend started, where we all post screen shots of steps and there are additional challenges. Well it has become one of my favorite things, “Lettuce Turnip the Beet”, a Facebook activity to help keep me active. It was only for one month, and ended the last day of April. I already miss the daily check-ins, and seeing how the other ladies are all doing.

So here is how to worked, my friend Nikki started a Facebook group, and invited others to join. Everyone in the group owns some form of a Fitbit step tracker (as I mentioned before I love my Fitbit, and even have a bit of an addiction). Starting on April 1st, she would post a screen shot from her Fitbit app showing her steps. Then everyone else would comment on it with a screen shot of their steps. You would get a point (which would later translate into raffle tickets) for every day that you either reach 3 miles or 30 active minutes. But if you don’t hit those steps, you should check in anyway because you would get extra points for perfect attendance. In addition to posting steps, some days there would be little bonuses. You would get an extra point for posting a recipe, a selfie of you doing something, or even just writing how you would be active that day or weekend. When it was all over with, Nikki tallied up all the points, and then for every point a person got they had that many raffle tickets put into a drawing. She then pulled for different prizes.

What did I get out of this? First off I had the most points out of everyone! That gave me a nice little ego boost. But more importantly it was a challenge that wasn’t really a challenge. When I do other Fitbit challenges, I get so focused on beating other peoples steps it loses it’s camaraderie or fun. This felt more like sharing than competing. It was nice to see how others were doing, and have them tell you how great you are doing or some encouragement on the days you were dragging. I loved seeing/hearing about everyone’s activities, and about how they were staying motivated. These ladies are so amazingly strong, kind, and positive, and kept me making great strides(haha get it). I cannot thank them or Nikki enough for this past month. I think it was only 3 days after the challenge ended that I was missing my Lettuce friends. Thankfully there is going to be another one starting soon.

It wasn’t about the prizes or showing off how many steps I could get. The whole time is was the nudge I needed, and the positive boost that made getting fit fun. This motivational group was the highlight of my day, and I encourage others to do something similar.


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