My Non-Scale Goals

So in my last post I talked about how much the scale affect me, and decided to come up with 5 solid off non-scale goals. I special shout out to my readers and my awesome friends. Some that took the time to have a group text chain with me to give me great feedback. One friend said she wants to have more energy without being so dependent on caffeine, and someone else mentioned cutting down/out the processed sugar. Quite a few said fitting into old clothes or pre baby clothes. A lot had great strength goals: becoming more toned, doing real push ups, working towards better muscle definition, and challenging themselves through different workouts. Then I took some time to come up with my own, which I will complete by the end of 2016. I’ve always worked harder when I have had an event coming up (vacation, a friend’s wedding, a 5k, etc.).

  • I am going to walk, run, bike, swim, and row to Hawaii! Not literally. My honeymoon is in 140 days, and we are going to Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii. So I looked up the distance from my town in NJ to Kapolei, HI. It’s roughly 2,775 miles to California, and then I will travel 2, 562 miles to Hawaii. It’s going to be really tough, but that’s what makes it a challenge!
  • Run Disney is a huge thing for all runners and Disney nerds alike. I have always wanted to do a Disney run, but the extra trip to Florida isn’t always financially feasible. Now Disney has virtual 5ks. I am going to complete the Running Shorts Series. This is 3 different 5ks, and you get Disney medals (you have to have the bling!). I am excited to Run Disney, in my own neighborhood. I already talked to my sister and cousins, to get them to do it with me.
  • Next I want to start a weight-training program. I have no upper body strength at all. But really it’s super sad and pathetic. I have always been more on the side of cardio, so I need to expand my horizons and flex my muscles. First thing I’ll be doing is some research and talking to a lot of my friends on how I should begin to tone up. I know little to nothing about strength training. Thankfully I have a whole crew of friends who are cross fitters, gym pros, and personal trainers, to point my in the direction of the gym.
  • The top drawer of my one bureau is dedicated to vacation clothes I want to fit in one day. There is a pair of Bermuda shorts, some cute tops, a wrap skirt, and a nice blue dress. All were purchased over the years in hopes to take them on different vacations. Well by the end of the year, I will fit into them. I don’t need an exciting local. I’ll even be happy just to wear them around the house! I think I will put them all on hangers and put them scattered throughout my closet. So that when I look for something to wear for work or to go out, I’ll be reminded of my goals.
  • Something that has always been a struggle with me if my flexibility. With all of this cardio and strength training I’ll be doing I’ll need to do some hard-core stretching. So my next goal is to work yoga into my weekly schedule. I’ll start out with the beginner videos, then try some daily burn, and by December I’ll try some hot yoga classes. I’m looking forward not only to the balance and flexibility benefits, but also the Zen side of it. It’ll give me thinking time to reflect on my goals and my journey.

These are to take me at to the end of 2016! I have a lot of big life events coming up, and I am so excited to see how they tie into my fit lifestyle. Now it’s time to add new spots into my fitness journal for my miles to Hawaii, reminders about my yoga regime, and do some research. Thank you again for all of my friends for their encouragement and it was fun hearing all about their non-scale goals. I appreciate all of their ideas and encouragement. I would be lost without you ladies! I’m really excited for this extra motivation, and to work towards these new goals!


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