The End of the Jumpstart

On May 16th I finished my 28-Day Jumpstart with FitGirls Guide. To read the basic gist of it, read my previous blog posts about it. I had such an amazing positive experience with this program; it’s actually more of a lifestyle now. Was I perfect everyday? No. Was I a pleasant and happy FitGirl everyday? Hell no! But it was a great experience.
Food was awesome! This started getting hectic in my everyday, so I have to work harder with the meal prep. That’s the biggest thing I have learned about throughout this whole thing is that meal prep is key. It takes out the stress of thinking each morning, or trying to find something healthy at work. After this whole thing I want to up my meal prep game, and do some research on how to be a boss at meal prep (I smell another blog post).
My Overall Favorite Recipes
Breakfast- I still have to go with the Cherry Pie fridge oats. I actually switched back to them from the Apple Pie flavor. Also I did try the substitution of banana and peanut butter, which I enjoyed, but the flavor of the Cherry Pie wins. Plus you add in the easy prep work and how it left me feeling full all morning. It was clearly the winner.
Lunch- The winner still is the Roasted Veggie Power Bowl. I found myself in Week 4 recreating many different variations of it. Just seemed to cover everything I wanted when I got to lunch. It was filling and always delicious.
Dinner- I loved my pumpkin lasagna, but Growed-Up Girl Cheese was delicious! It has cheese, turkey, artichokes, and kale. It’s a delicious open face sandwich that is just so delicious; I fell in love with it. I made it for my fiancé and he loved it too!
The only thing that I didn’t like was polenta. I tried. I really really tried. Just didn’t feel it. I didn’t hate it, but I don’t think it will now go into my regular rotation of dinners.
The workouts were rough and made me push myself. I loved them. I still need to work harder on my upper body strength. It’s something I really struggle with. But there were days where I was like “Ugh I totally don’t want to workout.” But it was 30 minutes, only 30 minutes. I would make myself do it, and then I would want to keep stretching or keep walking. It would give me extra energy and make me want to do more. Plus I started using the FitGirl app., which shows you the workout will be each day. When you complete the workout you check off how you did that day and it keeps track of it for you.

I don’t think it would have been a success without my awesome support systems. First would be the amazing FitGirl community. As I said in the beginning there was a photo “challenge”, and what it did was connect everyone that was doing the Jumpstart. So everyday I would see people who were doing exactly what I was, sharing their successes and struggles. Daily we were offering each other encouragement and praise. Now that it is over I am still connect with them through Instagram, so as we all continue on our journeys we are able to keep supporting each other. Also there was my support system I see daily. I have co-workers who are like-minded in their goals that keep me going during the workweek. Then I have the best family and friends I could ever hope for. My friends keep me active, and cheer along my progress. My mom and dad are always encouraging me with whatever I am trying to do, and my sister is ready to kick my ass as needed. Lastly there is Jim, my fiancé, who has tried every FitGirl recipe, cheered me through my workouts, and tried to keep me from getting too serious or hard on myself. It takes a village to lose the pounds!
The results are in but they aren’t on scale. I have NOT weighed myself after because I am waiting to weigh myself to end the of my workplace weight loss contest. But people have been noticing and people have been complementing. Even better my clothes are fitting a million times better, and I had to buy a belt! I haven’t needed a belt in years. My energy has been up, and I have let better about myself, which trickles into the areas of my life too. I want to try new fitness classes, I want to try more recipes, and I want to encourage those around me to get fit too!
So what’s next? I am going to keep going. I am going to use the app. to start the workouts all over again. Also I am going to research and up my meal prepping, just like I said I want to. The new recipes I have learned over the four weeks are going to be regular meal staples. This whole plan has set me up for a new and successful life. So I will get myself adjusted using my new tools. Then I think I may try the next FitGirl challenge in a month or so. Always striving for that fit lifestyle, and challenging myself to be the best version of myself. Progress not perfection.


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