Moving It With May Music

I have some serious iPod ADD, which is basically that I am constantly switching songs. Some songs I will want to play everyday during my workout, and then give it a week, month, or 6 months and I am sick of it. It can be a mixing of songs from different musicals, oldies, pop songs, and rap. My Google music library has a few playlists (Running, Disney Workout, etc.). I have no shame mouthing the words or full on lip-synching when working out. So I decided to pick 10 songs off my playlists that I have really been working out to lately. The title, artist, and why I enjoy the song. The biggest thing I need is motivation and focus.

May Music
Roar- Katy Perry
No idea why, but this song gets me so hyped. I could kick the crap out of anyone who stands in my way. It helps me channel all my stress into positive motivation.

Worth It- Fifth Harmony feat. Kid Ink
Just listen to it and tell me it doesn’t make you want to tone up and look hot as hell. When I hear it like to picture myself as one of those girls who workout looking all cute and effortless, unlike the gross sweating mess that I am.

Grace Kelly- Mika
It has a good beat, and I find myself singing this song like I own it. I might get weird looks while running or working out in public to this song, but I don’t care!

Ex’s & Oh’s- Ellie King
Ellie King is cool as all hell. This song is awesome and makes me wish I was as cool as her. That’s pretty much the whole reason.

Boys and Girls- Pixie Lott
Ok so I know it’s an old song, and almost too poppy. Don’t really care, because when I am running and this comes on I magically get more bounce in my step. The beat is great for a run on a sunny day or jamming out in the gym.

Hawaii Roller Coaster Ride- Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu
This song is from the Lilo & Stitch soundtrack, and it is awesome. I think this also has to do with counting down to my honeymoon in Hawaii. So when I am working out to this I am thinking of fitting into my cute clothes and being in the sun with Jim.

Immortals – Fall Out Boy
This song is also from a Disney movie, Big Hero 6, and it’s during a super cool montage scene. So it makes me want to make my own sweet super hero montage scene. Shut up! It’s cool!

Let’s Go- Tiesto feat. Icona Pop
This is my personal theme song. Just kidding, I just wish it was. It’s basically about having a good time and being awesome. Which easily translates to an awesome workout song.

Dear Future Husband- Meghan Trainor
I love Meghan Trainor, she is sassy and a good time. This song started out as something I obnoxiously sing to Jim in the car. Now it’s something that has an awesome beat to keep me moving.

Home- Phillip Phillips
This is my stretching song this month. The lyrics are cute and the beat isn’t too slow. Sometime if I stretch after a workout to a song that is too slow, I ended up feeling lazy instead of charged up. This leaves me feeling very positive about life.

So those are my May songs that have kept me moving. I will let you know what the June Jukebox comes up with. Also I am always open to any suggestions. What’s on your workout playlist? What pumps you up while you pump iron?


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