Words of Wisdom Wednesday

I love memes. My sister and I have literally had entire conversations through the use of memes. More recently since trying to get fit I have been finding motivation from different fitness quotes and memes I see online. Maggie, my sister, recently sent me one. She said it would be a good idea to share the quotes, and write how they are helping me out. Here are a few I have kept in the back of my mind while I am on my fitness journey.



This one was not one I found online. I found out morning that a coworker left it for me. It was at a time I was really thinking about changing my life, but I wasn’t doing anything to actually do it. Another factor is that Notre Dame has always been a big part of my family and me. I really love it because to me it’s that I have the tools to do whatever I want, and all three are something I control. What I put out in motivation and attitude for myself is what is going to push my abilities and make me strong.




Maggie sent me this quote, and this is the one where she recommended that I start sharing these words of wisdom with you. Also I think this has gone through my head several times. It definitely went through my head during my first 5k, the 15k, and then numerous runs where I just felt like something was holding me back. That’s all it was though, just a feeling or mental block. My brain will say stop because I am tired, fighting a cold, it’s too cold out, I can run tomorrow, or the feeling that I just can’t run that far, but then there is something else buried in the back there saying, “Do it. Finish, and you’ll never be a quitter.” So I fight to make sure the part of my brain saying to do it will win.



There are so many variations on this quote. Most likely because it’s true, and it’s not just balance. It’s called life. I need to embrace the days that I go to the gym or I’m super active, and the days where I cook healthy meals. Then I need to accept the days where I eat the piece of cake, or I don’t workout. Do I feel better on days where I have my crap together? Yes. But it’s ok to have days where I just don’t care. Balance. I just need to make sure that the productive days outweigh the lazy days.

I hope everyone found them motivating, and hopefully you will share some of your own with me! As I collect more pearls of wisdom and chuckle worthy motivation, they will push me along on my journey.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. SMD says:

    I am a huge quote girl, I always have one in my pocket for whatever situation I’m in.

    I think they are crucial in journeys, especially fitness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bshanbefit says:

      I’ve been collecting them lately! I need the sarcastic/funny ones as much as I need the serious ones.


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