End of the Work Weight-loss Competition

When the whole thing started I was very gung-ho about it. I was going to win, and I was going to just keep having big numbers every week. The first few weigh-ins I actually had pretty decent numbers. As I had said in a previous blog post, I became obsessed/terrified of the scale. I wasn’t eating dinner the night before weigh in day, and was in the back of my mind comparing myself to everyone else. Then after I decided to turn in my back on the scale, in the literal sense because I started facing backwards, things were a bit easier on me. If I lost I lost, if I gained I gained, and if I stayed the same it was good. We all know that’s not 100% true, and when I gained it was a little irking. However, no complete meltdowns! People were still telling me I looked like I was losing weight. And I was concentrating on how I felt instead of the numbers.

It was hard for me to not be competitive about it, but something I learned from FitGirl was that we are to be supporting each other not competing with each other. As it happens I have the greatest co-workers ever. They are so extremely supportive of a healthy lifestyle and cheering each other along. In the halls co-workers will stop me and tell me how they have noticed my hard work, which really is a confidence boost. Plus a lot have told me that they have been reading this blog! Then there are others who know I have working on running and trying to things. My one work friend and I always talk about when we have bad runs, or what run we have coming up. There is a group that walks in the morning, and then on the playground while monitoring the kids as they play. I have one work friend who is always good to make me laugh, “One doughnut won’t make you fat, and one workout won’t make you skinny!” Then post weigh in today I received some really encouraging words from another work friend, which really meant a lot to me and gave me such a great feeling of support. Her words about my blog and my progress, really made me feel like I am on the right track. I know that now the competition is over, but nothing will change at all about how we are there for each other with jokes and support.

So the final weigh in I faced front, and whatever the number was I learned to not let it wreck my life. In the end I finished with losing 9 pounds total. The winner was well deserved, she looks amazing and you can tell she did it all the healthy way. I didn’t win, but this was a loss I was willing to take. I also gained some confidence, and some great camaraderie with others. Next time it comes around I will definitely sign up, because half of the money goes to a good cause. But now I have the mindset to just ignore the numbers, and keep on my journey to getting healthy.


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