Words of Wisdom from Muhammad Ali

People have many opinions on athletes and their behavior. That’s fine and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But this article is focusing on determination, and inspiring words of Muhammad Ali. As most people know, he passed away recently at the age of 74. He was a champion boxer, who also fought a 30-year battle with Parkinson’s disease. But his view on being the best, and pushing yourself hard offer inspiration to many.


To me this quote means that, it’s just as much your drive to get to what you want as it is your ability to do it. You hone your skill or what you want in the gym or on the field. But it’s your will, that deep down feeling or wanting it bad enough, that needs to be the strongest part of you. In my mind some people might have the skill, but they just don’t want it bad enough. You can always improve your skills, but the will and the want have to be there in order to be a champion.


Anyone who says they are happy at the gym 100% of the time is a punk and a liar. Can workouts be fun at times? Yes. But in order for it to pay off you need to be out of breath, and you need that healthy ache (note I said healthy I am in no way condoning pushing until you are actually medically hurt). You need to tell yourself it’s worth it. All of the sweat, tears, and pushing yourself to your (safe) physical limits are worth it. Don’t only workout when you are happy, smiley, and stop before it gets hard. The fact that it’s hard is what’s going to make you great.


Um I think I will wake up every morning, and say this to myself in the mirror. I will say it to myself before any 5k, workout, physical challenge, or anything where I need a confidence boost. We should always start each day planning to show everyone how great we are. Through your work, through your relationships, through everything you do, all you have to do is work as hard as you can to show everyone how great your are. Again this should be a phase to tell yourself daily.

So again if you didn’t like him, that’s fine. But there is no denying that the man knew what he wanted to be, and he fought (literally) to get it. That his words are inspiring, and that we could all learn how to be the greatest.


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