1 Month until the Wedding

It is one month until I get married. I have about a million things running through my head. This next month is filled with painting decorations, making sure my fiancĂ© takes his suit to get tailored, and about a million other things. Some days I feel like I am really staying on target, while other…

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Olympic Edition

This month’s Words of Wisdom is inspired by the Olympics.

Beat the Heat

It’s hot out. Gotta break a sweat while beating the heat.

Disney At Home Running Series

One of my non scale goals was to complete the Run Disney at home 5ks. It was made up of 3 “Virtual Running Shorts”: the Yellow Shoe, the Red Pants, and the White Glove. You could register online, then print your bib and run the race. They used the honor system and would send you…

Summer Changes & Challenges

This summer has come with some changes and challenges. Unfortunately, I fell off the face of the blogosphere, twitterverse, and Insta-land (is that a thing?), which I am super disappointed in myself about. But I can either let it completely derail me and give up, or I can just pick myself back up and get…