Summer Changes & Challenges

This summer has come with some changes and challenges. Unfortunately, I fell off the face of the blogosphere, twitterverse, and Insta-land (is that a thing?), which I am super disappointed in myself about. But I can either let it completely derail me and give up, or I can just pick myself back up and get back to work. Well I am back, with my head on straight and ready to rock! So I think we need to recap the first half of the summer, and then make a plan of action for the second half.

Summer first started for me when school ended, cue the start of summer theatre. Even though I work in education, not having any source of income during the summer months is not an option. So I have two different summer jobs. I work for a children’s theatre camp, which is an amazing job, but takes up a lot of time. I was moving more, packing healthy lunches, and really enjoying the fit life. Every morning doing a warm up with the kids, and then choreographing some dances. Then as my show wrapped up summer school started. There was a week overlap, where I was going to work at the school from 8:00-2:00, getting stuff together for tech rehearsals, and then heading directly to tech rehearsals. This meant a whole week of NO meal prep, NO workouts, and dinners that consisted mostly of Wawa, pizza, and other quick fixes. I let this totally derail me. Then I let it carry over into the following week, and I had plenty of excuses. Excuses like- I’m still wrapping up theatre stuff, I’ll get back on track once the teen show is over, I’m not doing that bad, etc. Looking back things could have been worse, and in the past I have allowed it to be way worse. But there were so many times I could have/should have tried to sneak in a 15-minute workout or grilled up enough chicken for the week. Some exciting high lights of the first half of summer were- my Bridal Shower thrown by my amazing MOH (my big sis Maggie) & my bridesmaids, the 2016 WDCSP theatre season, good times with friends, and my sister & brother-in-law threw their first annual New Year’s in July party.

So now I have only two weeks left of summer school and no more theatre. The regular school year will start back up right after Labor Day, which means I have about 3 weeks of summer break. For the rest of the summer I will focus on getting things done for my wedding, and then focusing on my fitness journey. I have a wedding planning binder, and plenty of small projects to complete in that department. Then I took out my fitness planner, which is where I keep my Fitness Log, blog ideas, and extra workout calendar. I have been looking into some fun and different workouts, and I did do some work towards my summer goals I set for myself way back when. I’ll also be doing my favorite kind of workout, anything having to do with the pool. I honestly could tread water, use my pool workout set, and just keep moving out there in the sunshine all day. But please take a moment to know that I go through A LOT of sun block, in order to enjoy the pool I lather up like crazy. Also I think now I will go to some farm stands, and take advantage of the fresh (and cheaper) produce. If someone offers me some produce from their garden, the answer is ALWAYS yes. So many summer recipes, and when it’s fresh and local it’s the best.

Now I am ready to use the rest of my summer to my advantage in all matters of fitness. The thought of this makes me super happy and motivated. It’ll be a time to de-stress, stretch my limits, and educate myself in the area of fitness. When it gets closer I can also use that time to set myself for the beginning of the school year, because it’s not only a journey but also a lifestyle. If anyone else out there was derailed or feels unmotivated: You can do it! Start right now!


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