Disney At Home Running Series

One of my non scale goals was to complete the Run Disney at home 5ks. It was made up of 3 “Virtual Running Shorts”: the Yellow Shoe, the Red Pants, and the White Glove. You could register online, then print your bib and run the race. They used the honor system and would send you the medal in the mail after the ending date of each race. When I went to sign up the first race was already sold out, which bummed me out at first. For a split second I was like, “Well then what’s the point!” But I figured I said I wanted to run all 3 series, so I would run all three. I paid for the two that were still available, and printed a bib for all three races. I would run all three of them, because that was my non scale goal. Whether or not I received a medal wasn’t the point, it was the running.

So I decided to add my own fun to the runs. Each run I would wear a shirt that was somehow tied to Disney, since it was a Run Disney event. For each run I would take a selfie with the bib before running(I wasn’t pinning on the bib because it was just printed paper), a selfie of me out on my run, and then a picture of a view on my run. My first and last run I thought of taking a screen shot of my music at one point. Then at night after my runs, I treated myself to two Godiva chocolate truffles from a box set I won at a baby shower. I usually don’t buy fancy chocolate, so it was a nice treat.

Virtual Run #1- Yellow Shoes
My shirt- Might Ducks t-shirt, I love it and it says Conway on the back. Probably one of my coolest shirts.
Route- Out and around my neighborhood,with a nice view of the Delaware River which can make you forget it’s the dirty Delaware River.
Music Choice- I have no idea why, but Roar is my running/workout jam. I just is can’t explain it.

Virtual Run #2- Red Pants
My Shirt- A frozen inspired shirt with the slogan, “Strong Like Elsa, Positive Like Anna, Happy Like Olaf”.
Route- Same as my route from my first run. It’s just a convenient route, that is good for a run.
Music Choice- Forgot to screen shot. But I have my usual running playlist, then a separate Disney running playlist I probably had on.

Virtual Run #3- White Glove
My Shirt- A Disney Wildlife refuge shirt I got on sale at the Disney store in the mall.  I bought because the otters were cute, and the fabric was nice and light.
Route- This time I was down the shore with my fiancé, staying with his mom mom. So I ran around her development. It was a nice change of scenery.
Music Choice- Finally a Disney song screen shot! I was completely jamming out to the soundtrack from Newsies. If you don’t know it, you need to listen to it. It was a movie by Disney in the 90’s turned hit Broadway musical. Totally gets me pumped up.

I’m really glad I ran all 3, and it was different from any other 5k I have done. Being able to do them at my own leisure took the pressure off. It was fun to put my sneaks on and say, “Let earn a medal today.” I won’t be posting my times, because those are for me not for you. I was happy with all of them, and I didn’t need to make excuses or compare myself to others. They are all mine. I was a little worried about this whole at 5k. I thought I wouldn’t hold myself accountable, not really push myself, or who knows what else. But it was actually a huge success for me. This was the perfect start into to Run Disney. Next year I am going to organize a group run for the next at home series. Who’s interested?


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