Beat the Heat

So things in my area have been very hot lately. When I go to check the weather that delightful heat advisory warming comes up. I don’t really find the temperature to be the problem; it’s actually the humidity making the air feel wonderfully thick and soupy. When I wake up it’s already gross, and in the evening when it usually cools off it’s still quite hot. My motivation has taken a dive as the temp took a rise. So how can I beat the heat and still break a sweat?

I think I have 4 options- suck it and workout outside anyway, hit up the local gym (I belong to the local planet fitness), workout in my pool, or do an indoor workout at home. Well I have tried all of them, and I can tell you what works for me and what doesn’t. Each one comes with it’s own challenges, and what works for me might not work for you and vice versa.

So first on the list is workout outside anyway. I love my route I take around my neighborhood. Now that I have more time off of work I can try so many other things outside and go to other parks in my town. The big problem is that my energy is zapped being outside in the heat. Usually I can handle the heat, and don’t mind it too much. I can get through it in this heat, but I am flat out miserable and struggle though it big time. So I have to say that working out when it feels over 100 degrees is not for me.

Next we have hitting up the local gym. I love my local Planet Fitness, and could there for quiet awhile. However, my fiancé and I have a pact to only go together. To save money he bought the membership and I am his permanent guest. This is great because I nag him to go, but sometimes he just doesn’t want to go or I want to stay longer than he does. So it’s not the most convenient arrangement. Note to self- maybe re think gym membership arrangement. But this is definitely a good alternative to an outdoor run.

Or I could always workout at home. I have a good amount of space and useable equipment to give me a really great workout. There is a stationary bike, and I had a treadmill. A week ago when I was on the treadmill (which was just about 10 years old), and it started to smell of burnt rubber. The motor was burning up, and so it has been put to rest. My only problem is getting the workout in without any home distractions. For some reason I let myself get distracted by phone calls and other things, when I should just shut the world out. When I get the chance though, I totally love my Daily Burn workouts.

Last but not least is my person winner- a workout in the pool. The water is much more bearable than just being out in the heat. I think the vitamin D really gives me a boost, which reminds me to tell you all to wear sun block. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a run or in the pool, please make sure to take care of your skin. I have a speaker so I can listen to my music, I have foam dumbbells, a kick board, and my TomTom multisport works in water. My sister showed me a few exercises to do in the pool a few years ago, so I do those in addition to swimming laps, treading water, and doing some exercises with the dumbbells. It gives me such a great workout that I really enjoy. It’s my perfect heat wave workout, because when I am done the regular part of it I love to just tread water and burn some extra calories just splashing around.

When the heat breaks I have so many more options, but the heat is making me sweat about how to keep my motivation up. The pool is the way to keep my butt from dragging and get the best possible heat wave workout. I threw my options up on twitter for a quick survey, and the results were similar to my own personal feelings. Shout out to all the awesome people out there who took my survey. PSA- No matter what your workout please remember to drink your water! This heat makes it even more important to stay hydrated.

So how are you beating the heat and still breaking a sweat? Any tips or tricks?



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