Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Olympic Edition

This month’s wisdom is a nod to the Olympics. I had to narrow it down to just three, and I will most likely use some of the others quotes in future months. But I narrowed it down to three quotes for this month that really spoke to me. All are from gold medal winners from over the years.


If you don’t know who Kerri Strug is you need to watch the videos from the 1996 Olympics. Basically what happened was, Kerri Strug was one of America’s top gymnasts, and during very vault she injured her ankle. However, the team would need her to do her second vault in order to win. She did it, landed it, and clinched the gold for USA. Her coach had to carry her onto the podium in order to get receive her medal. Now her quote doesn’t mean to push yourself to injury, that’s not what happened with her. To me what she means is that you need to give yourself challenges everyday. Don’t settle for doing as good as you did today tomorrow, tomorrow should be better. You’ll only do great things if you push yourself to do so. Side note if you are familiar with Kerri Strug, also be familiar with her on SNL with Chris Kattan.


Sanya Richards-Ross competed in the Olympics in 2004, 2008, and 2012. In 2013 she had her own reality show called, “Glam and Gold”. I love this quote because it resonates with me every time I try something new. The 5ks, the mud run, or anytime I try a new exercise class, I tell myself the same thing. I don’t care if I am the last one to cross the finish line or if I look like a hot damn mess trying this class, I will finish it. I can say that I did it. I would rather be a loser than a quitter any day of the week. Also Sanya didn’t win a gold medal in 2004, but she didn’t quit. Instead she came back and won a gold in 2008, and then 2 gold medals in 2012. Always try, you’ll never know what will happen.


I was trying to decide who to quote for this year’s Olympics. There were so many amazing athletes, and amazing moments so far. Sans the whole Russia blood doping thing, but is neither here nor there. I chose Simone because she is lighting up the Olympics, she overcame a rough beginning, and this quote has crossed my mind when working out. First off Simone was raised by her grandparents due to her mom’s issue with drugs, and I work with children who don’t always have the easiest of upbringings. But she had people who cared for her, and she achieved greatness. The actual quote crosses my mind a lot.  I compare myself to other people on similar journeys into fitness or people I consider great athletes, even if it is just someone going hard core on at the gym. Why am I comparing myself to them? I don’t need to be them, I shouldn’t want to be them, I should want to be me. It’s all well and good to have heros, to be inspired by others, but the person you should want to be is the best version of yourself.



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