1 Month until the Wedding

It is one month until I get married. I have about a million things running through my head. This next month is filled with painting decorations, making sure my fiancé takes his suit to get tailored, and about a million other things. Some days I feel like I am really staying on target, while other days I worry this wedding is going to be a hot damn mess. My focus on fitness wavers, and wedding fitness went through quite a bit of twist and turns. Now it’s down the wire and I am going to use fitness to my advantage.

When I first got engaged I had huge fitness goals. I wanted to drop as much weight as humanly possible before my wedding. That’s right, I didn’t even set a goal weight or number, didn’t say be healthy. It was drop as much weight as possible. This was before I discovered FitGirl, and being healthy/fit over skinny. I would eat as little as possible, and then give it a week of two and be ravenous. My thought was that if I wasn’t skinny for my wedding, I was fat and ugly. I actually said that phrase out loud to myself at one point. Also I said it out loud in front of my fiancé one time, and he did NOT like that in the slightest. I have been working really hard on the positive talk to myself, but I feel self conscious on how I look and the smallest thing will make me feel insecure. But thanks to the fit community, and some amazing friends I got my head on straight.

I was worried about what the next month will be, and how I will look. This month I will be at the Bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and then the BIG DAY. But I need to realize that leading up to this month I have been working out, and trying to eat right. Every time I mess up, I just jump back into my program. So why was I worried? I have been working on myself and I feel good on the inside. I am looking forward to partying it up at my Bachelorette party, and I am excited to wear a nice dress and feeling good in it. The same goes for the rehearsal dinner. When I looked in the mirror when I tried on my gown, I looked amazing. I LOVE my gown, I can’t wait for Jim to see me in it. I can’t wait to dance with all my friends in it.

So the goal for the next month is to use fun of fitness and the fit community to my advantage. Wedding stress? There is going to be a million of moments of stress in the next month, and I am going to do my best to handle it all like a champ. This means not falling into bad habits. I know that instead of binge eating, I can just take a walk or do a DailyBurn video. Take some time to myself and clear my head. It’ll be way more productive and a great stress reliever. Also I really don’t have time to feel bloated or gross, so I will be eating like a FitGirl. Plus with the wedding being so soon time is of the essence and money is tight. Meal planning and prepping will save me tons of time and tons of money. The more meals planned the less meals eaten out, and the less meals bought last minute from Wawa. Another goal I have talking myself up, I am feeling good about myself today, but I know there will be low points. It doesn’t matter what is going on or what/who is upsetting me, I need to make sure that I love my progress and block out the negative.

Bottom line is that I am going to be fit for my wedding. It’ll be an amazing day, even though it’s a day I won’t be wearing my FitBit. I didn’t starve myself for my wedding, I didn’t workout for hours on end, and I am not going to give a shit. In one month I am wearing my dress, partying with my friends, and most importantly marrying the man of the dreams. And then we are off on a big adventure in Hawaii.


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