Words of Wisdom Wednesday-Willy Wonka Edition

Some quotes that motivate me in the realm of fitness, running, and health, aren’t from athletes or specifically talk about fitness. Today’s words come from a role made famous by the late Gene Wilder. He most known and loved for his role as Willy Wonka. Weird fact- the author of the book in which the movie was based did NOT like Gene’s portrayal of the eccentric candy factory owner. However the movie is a classic, and I even had the honor of directing a children’s play based off of it. The quotes of today are from the movie, but they actually make me think of my fitness journey.

It’s pretty plain and simple with this one. Stop putting off that workout. Stop saying “I’ll train for that race someday,” or “I’ll try that class someday”. No do it now. Don’t spend another moment feeling less than your best, continue of your fit journey, and enjoy every minute of it.


You have to have fun with your workouts. Not every single one, but if you don’t enjoy it you aren’t going to stick with it. Sometime I workout and focus only on hard I need to push myself, and then other times I enjoy the scenery or company of good people. Also something very popular with the FitGirl community is the element of fun with your food. Leave yourself a silly note. Draw on your hard boiled egg or orange to make yourself giggle halfway through the day. It doesn’t make you any less focused on being fit or immature, it’s just a little bit nonsense.



The world today isn’t all sunshines and good feelings. As much as I wish it were it’s not. No matter who you are some days you feel weary. It could be work stress, family drama, events in your life, love, body issues, etc. Something you need a good deed to shine through. I am lucky enough to see how it shines along my fitness journey. On Instagram, I see FitGirls all over embracing their mistakes, and reaching out to their fellow FitGirls for some help. They will post how they are struggling, then receive an outpouring of love from women on the same path they are on. Saying don’t give you, you’re worth it, keep going! I also think of this quote when I think of any race I have ever gone to. When I am running and getting tired out. Sweaty and looking for something to pull me through, and I hear it. From fellow runners, from the people handing out water, and the spectators along the route you can hear it. Keep going! You’re amazing! You’re doing it! And when you are feeling weary and wondering why the hell you signed up in the first place, it’s a shining light to keep you moving.


Take a moment and look around. You’re working towards a goal. You’re trying to actively make your life better, if you’re not you can be. I can look around and on my fitness journey see paradise. I will not say that in the middle of workout or when I am resisting a doughnut, but I am surrounded by family who is supporting me in my journey, a wonderful fiance, I’m trying new and exciting things, and I am connecting with so many awesome and inspiring people. It makes me want to change my world, make it better. There’s nothing to it, as long as I work for it and want it bad enough. It makes me feel the warm and fuzzies.


Dedicated to Gene Wilder 1933-2016. He passed away from Alzheimer’s related illness. A gifted actor, who also helped start a foundation for cancer research in memory of his 3rd wife Gilda Radner. He will live on in his beloved films.




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