My Birthday Blog Post

So this past Saturday was my birthday! This year because of the wedding we kept it nice and low key. I spent the day in my comfy clothes, and did some little things for the wedding. My family gave me gifts, and my fiancé decided fresh sunflowers were a must. In the evening we had crab pot, which is basically a trash can sized pot filled with corn, crab, shrimp, and corn. There was a glass or two of wine involved. Not extremely healthy, but it was a treat day and it was my birthday. And yes I did have a slice of cake for dessert. 

I must say this past year has been pretty great. My big sister got married to the love of her life. My fiancé and I have been planning our wedding. I ran a 15k, and was inspired to start this blog. I became a FitGirl, and really began my journey into a healthier life. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by family and friends  that make all of those things possible. 

But my birthday has me wanting to set new goals for myself. I LOVE setting goals and having something to work towards. During the summer I worked towards(and I am still working) a few different physical goals, and it kept me moving. So for my birthday I am gave myself two gifts. A notebook I received free off of Shutterfly to record all of my food and workouts, and 5 goals to work towards this year.  I wrote my goals in the new fitness journey journal, and I can read them everyday.

  1. Record all of my food and workouts daily in my nifty notebook. 
  2. Hit 2,500 views on this blog. I don’t do this so for anyone except myself, but it’s nice to know people are out there. 
  3. Work towards getting my body fat closer to my lifetime goal of less than 25%. 
  4. Try rock climbing, both indoor and outdoor. 
  5. Train for a 1/2 Marathon. 

So I am a little older, a little wiser, and quite a bit more awesome. This past year has been awesome, and I can’t wait for this next one. It’ll be crushing my goals, making new ones, and continuing on my fitness journey. 


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