Wedding Day- Oops I forgot to…

So they always say you’ll forget something you’re wedding day. That it’s no big deal, and won’t affect the day at all. Well I made lists on paper, I made lists on my cell phone, and I even emailed lists to my poor husband(Jim is my husband now!). Trying to not forget anything, and I forgot something major on my wedding day. I forgot something and it affect me in a huge way. I forgot to criticize my body and freak out about how I looked. As someone trying to get fit, you try to stay in the positive. But you always worry if you look fat. I always am in fear that when people look at me all they see is fat. My spanx are like a second a skin to me. Well it looks like my FitGirl and positive self love has worked. Because on September 24, 2016 not a single mean or doubting thought crossed my mind! In fact I loved how I looked. 

My hair and make up were amazing. Then minus a pair of spanx or other fat squishing device, I had my gown. Let me tell you I love that damn down on me. First off it’s comfortable, second it had everything I wanted- little cap sleeves, detailing and lace, and buttons up the back. I felt amazing in it and everyone told me I did. Not once did I want to change an inch of myself, not once did I think “Well if you reached your goal faster…”. I felt perfect! I felt more beautiful and more like I loved how I looked more than any other day. When my groom first saw me coming down that aisle he cried, and when I asked him about it later he said, “You, that dress, everything was perfect just for our day.” 

It was the perfect day. We had been planning our Disney UP themed wedding for months. We made ourselves into Carl & Ellie for our perfect day. Now it had arrived. My girls were by my side as I got ready, and keeping my nerves at bay. My amazing supportive parents made sure I had everything I needed. The man of my dreams was waiting for me at the end of the aisle. He is now mine, that ring is a life sentence. The ceremony was exactly what Jim and I wanted. Jim and I had a good half hour in between the ceremony and the reception just the two of us on a balcony at the hall. All we did was tell each other how much we loved one another, how this was the perfect day because now we were married, and stuff our faces with all the food they kept bringing us from cocktail hour. We literally were going from kissing and gushing over our day, to eating like we hadn’t eaten in days. He took a very flattering pick of my eating a chicken wing. Then we danced, saw our closest family and friends, laughed, ate, the firetrucks ended up showing up, and then ate some more(people said they never saw so much food!). It was the perfect day surrounded by the people who love us the most. Not once did I worry about my chins or angles in the photographer’s photos, I just took it all in. 

That night Jim kept telling me how beautiful I was and how perfect everything was. Not until just now did I realize, “Shit! I never tire myself up.”, and looking at the pics I still don’t want to. I still think I look like a million bucks. I personally think this was a huge step for me. My day was perfect, because Jim was the man at the end of the aisle. He loves me enough for me to see myself through his eyes. When I think of our day I only see beauty and love. He gave me the best gift I have ever been given.

*My name is changing to his last name, but my blog and Instagram name will stay the same! My FitGirl identity helped me get here.  


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  1. I thought you looked amazing Bridgette! I’m so glad you felt amazing and felt that you looked amazing.

    Wishing you and Jim all the best!


    1. bshanbefit says:

      Thank you so much Steph!!!


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