Honeymoon in Paradise

It has been a little less than a week since we have been back from our amazing honeymoon in Hawaii. I had never seen the Pacific Ocean, and I had never traveled that far by plane before. The honeymoon was everything I wanted and more. Our room was an ocean view room at Disney’s Aulani Spa & Resort. It has all the beauty of Hawaii all while being perfectly suited for Disney addicts like us. We went all over the island of Oahu, and saw so many amazing things. The island is so full of contrasting beauty and experiences; it is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. While I was there I did write an article reflecting on the wedding, and this article will show how I was working on my fitness journey while I was in Hawaii.

Our room, me at the spa, and just laying in the grass.

We made a plan of everything we wanted to do while we were there, but kept the plan loose enough that we weren’t on anyone’s schedule except our own. There was a day where we had nothing planned except getting a massage at the spa. Which, if you have never gotten a massage you totally should. This was our second couple’s massage, and it’s so nice to treat yourself on vacation. On that day we just went to the spa, and then hung by the pool all day. But we had the perfect balance of R&R time and adventure time.

After morning Tai Chi.

One morning I decided I wanted to try the free Tai Chi class offered on the beach during sunrise. Surprisingly my new husband got up and decided to try with me. He hates waking up early, but wanted to try something new as well. I had never done Tai Chi before, and I have to say it was a really fun new experience. The smooth fluid movements, and the sounds of the ocean were so perfect. The one thing I struggle with is quieting my mind, and it was really hard because I kept thinking, “Holy crap! You’re doing Tai Chi on the beach in Hawaii, while the sun is rising with your new husband.” I think I would totally try Tai Chi again, and begin to do more research into it, as a way to de-stress.

A few highlights from our day of hiking. Note my red face and sweat.

There was quite a bit of walking just to explore when we were there. From our resort we followed the path to 4 different coves along the shoreline. It was a nice paved walk that took us about an hour down to the end and back. We would take a nice walk whenever there was nothing specific we wanted to do. There was one day we decided we wanted to have a hiking day! This was the day I broke my record of most floors climbed in a single day- 106 floors. We decided we would complete two different hikes in one day. They were very different experiences and the contrast of the two was really a unique experience. We started off with Diamond Head, which is a national park and a hiking trail up a crater of a former volcano. It was pretty dry and had very little tree coverage, and some of the most spectacular views of the island. It had been raining right until we got there, but the sun came out for us. Boy was it out, I am so glad we had bottles of water and I had to reapply my sunblock more than once. There were spots where the trail was quite rocky and unsteady, then there is not one, but two sets of pretty steep steps. There is a tunnel to go through, and then a set of spiral stairs. We took an alternate route that didn’t include the spiral stairs, because it lead to the same place but was easier for myself at 5’ 10” and Jim at 6’ 4”. Again it had us huffing a bit, but it was so worth it. Then we worked our way back down and took a break for lunch. After lunch we decided it was time to go to Monoa Falls, which is a hike (a very steep hike) past some really cool bamboo forest and a rainforest to a waterfall. They actually filmed a few episodes of Lost there. Because of the rain earlier in the day it was muddy and slippery at points. But it was so worth it. We went past so many beautiful spots, and climbed over trees and up rocks. When we reached the top, the site of the falls was again worth it. Again a bit out of breathe, but so happy we made it. Coming down from the falls was way more difficult than at Diamond Head. It was steeper, slipperier, and rockier, but it was so much fun. That night we totally just relaxed after such a busy day. But I was so incredibly proud of myself, I climbed a crater and up to a waterfall!

Our travels around the island.

I wasn’t FitBit obsessed, but I wore it everyday with the exception of the day we went to the spa and then swimming (I didn’t want to lose it). We saw the Dole Plantation, Pearl Harbor, North Shore, the Kamaka Ukulele Factory, and other amazing places. We went snorkeling with fish, and went stargazing at one of the most beautiful skies I have ever seen. All of these were full of the beauty of the island, and so much culture. Yes I was logging steps, but I was more focused on getting to see as much as I could. If you ever go make sure to see these things, and definitely talk to locals on the best places to see different things and the stories of the different areas. For such a small island, I was constantly in awe of everything around me. There is such a large contrast in everywhere you can go and things you will learn. I toured a family run factory, lead by a 94-year-old man celebrating the 100-year anniversary of a business his father started that his sons and nephews are now running. Then going to the Dole Pineapple Plantation and Kualoa Ranch, where we ate delicious Dole Whips and learned about interesting historical facts about Oahu. Also seeing spots where movies like 50 First Dates, Jurassic Park/Jurassic World, Windtalkers, Lost, and more (we even saw Jack Black from a very far distance, since he is filming there now). Then on the same island going to one of the most devastating spots in U.S. history. Just standing there on the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, listening to a guide talk about that day, the lives lost, the aftermath, and the burial ceremony that is only available to the remaining survivors, was a humbling and heartbreaking experience.

So much deliciousness.

As far as food I wasn’t exactly being as mindful as I should be. It was my honeymoon, so if I wanted to try something I tried it and if I wanted to treat myself I did. I had quite a bit of sushi (it tastes so fresh there), we did a breakfast buffet with Mickey Mouse, a dinner buffet, and ate at some really amazing places. Also we wanted to try things we never had before like Hawaiian shaved ice (AMAZING), and then also Malasadas (a Portuguese doughnut that is so incredibly delicious). Then there was the breakfast sandwich to end all breakfast sandwiches, it had- an egg, avocado, lettuce, tomato, turkey bacon, a lobster claw, all on a brioche bun with truffle butter. I did not police myself on food, however even when we went to the buffets I never left a meal feel overstuffed or like I couldn’t do whatever we had planned for that day.

    Aloha from the new          Mr. & Mrs. 

I’m not going to bore you with every detail and every minute of the trip. But it was the best trip of my entire life. There was so many things to see, and beauty everywhere you look. It was my honeymoon with the man of my dreams, and whom I now get to call my husband. We took so many pictures, and had our picture taken all over that island. The funny thing is I never once didn’t want my picture taken, or worried about how I looked in the pictures. Not once did I make myself feel bad for eating a treat, or not let myself have something I wanted. Even better not once did I tell myself I couldn’t do something I wanted to do, like hike or snorkel because I wasn’t fit enough. My honeymoon showed me that I have my man, and I have someone to go on adventures with for the rest of my life. Can’t wait for the next big adventure of our life.


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  1. Pure Glory says:

    Congratulations on your marriage! Your honeymoon sounds like it was fun.


  2. TC says:

    Great blog post. Very nice!


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