Decided I needed a change

I’ve gone back and forth between writing this post. There was a lot going on in my brain. People are going to think, “Um you got a haircut who cares?”, or something along those lines. Does this really have anything to do with fitness? Well yes and no. My mental state made it about fitness, and when my long hair begin to impede certain things it is about fitness. So after going back and forth, and finding a bunch of pictures, I chopped my hair. I did this less than a week after the honeymoon right before heading back to work.

You are probably like, “Ok you vain psycho, what does this have to do with fitness? Are we just fishing for compliments?” Well you can’t even imagine the crazy things that I thought about. First off people always compliment my hair, and now all they would just see me being heavy. If they are looking at my hair they aren’t noticing my chunky arms or neck fat. My hair was almost like a distraction from my other flaws. Then I was worried that my short hair would make me look heavier. Like my long straight hair, made me feel long and straight. Which is obviously completely psycho. Another strange reason for my longer hair was because I used it to cover my arm fat(kind of like a cape). Again I have had people tell me this is all completely nuts, but you can’t control how your brain works.

Also my hair was very thick and very long. It was getting to the point where I didn’t want to do anything to it. A bun gave me a headache, ponytail would be a headache, and when I left it down it would get caught under my arms or closed in the car door. At the gym my hair would get caught on machines. During the night either Jim or myself would lay on it and I would wake up to the pull. So now I can sleep easier, and I have begun playing around with it to see what I can do with it in morning instead of just trying to brush it out and keep it out of my way.

The consensus from all my friends and coworkers is that it’s a really nice change. Jim absolutely loved it. Yes it was long enough to get a nice ponytail to donate. My short hair is still very think and healthy, so if I feel like it I can always grow it again. It was a big move and it felt great. I think that’s what I need to keep doing, make big moves and trying new things.


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  1. Linda Breve says:

    Love the haircut. And yes you can change how your mind works. Lots of work and replacing negative thoughts with something positive coming out of your mouth helps to block the thoughts you obviously don”t need!

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  2. Kathleen says:

    I totally get it! I think you look beautiful! Your hair looks so healthy and you look so refreshed! Keep doing what you are doing!


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