Survived Halloween… Bring It On Thanksgiving!

So a week ago was Halloween. Are you still eating the leftover candy? Did you eat any that day? Because this year was the first year I didn’t eat a single piece of Halloween candy on Halloween, and I didn’t eat any this whole week after. This first time in my entire life! I went in with a plan of attack and I stuck with it. 

My Halloween wasn’t so scary at all. I had work, which in years past means tons of junk at the students’ Halloween party. This year wasn’t too bad. I resisted any and all temptations, escaping without terrorizing myself with a single chip, chocolate, or cupcake. After work I went to my sister’s to give out some candy. Which meant I played with her cute dogs to burn up some calories. Made a nice and filling dinner for Jim and myself, and hit my Fitbit step goal. I did allow myself to share one of my sister’s famous brownies with Jim, and then took some more steps during Dancing with the Stars to balance it all out. 

As we head towards the next holiday, I am already planning my November plan of attack! Food wise I am just going to keep packing my lunches, and enjoy healthy versions of the seasons finest. Leading up to Thanksgiving I am planning to stay active as possible, with as much fun as possible. I am running an active minute/distance fitness challenge for November, it ends on Thanksgiving. Next weekend is the Rocky Run, it’ll be my 3rd year in a row participating in it. The end of the month I am going to be walking in a parade with my theatre kids, which always burns calories both from walking and from laughing at their crazy antics. 

As far the actual day of Thanksgiving, stay tuned for my plan of attic. I’m in a really good place right now with my fitness and positivity, and I am not going to let Tom Turkey take that away from me. I’m starting off November extremely grateful for my fitness journey, the people it brings into my life, and impact it has on my health. 


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