Stay Safe with L.A.C.E.

Last night I did something active that was far from a regular workout but it could be life saving. I went to Israeli Krav Maga of Cherry Hill to a monthly class they hold strictly for women on self defense. I have been wanting to try it for months, and finally my schedule aligned. My sister had tried it a year or so ago. Not only that I brought a friend(which was great for when I got lost driving and ended up at the Discovery Museum next door), and met up with some friends there. Now the focus was on holiday shopping, if someone was following you to your car or grabbing your purse when you’re out. 

Now I am not exactly going to be someone’s main target, they usually go for smaller people. But at 5′ 10″ and none of your business pounds, I still want to feel safe. The class didn’t focus on fighting your attacker. It focused on stunning/injuring them enough so that you can safely get away. We started by learning palm strikes and kicks. The proper form and how to land them. Then they were put into different scenarios. Someone grabbing your wrist, grabbing you from behind, taking your purse, etc. We also worked on using momentum, and if someone attacks you at your car and pushes you into it taking the impact. It was really helpful. There were times my friends and I were making a few jokes and feeling a little silly, but the class was really great. At the end we had the time to have any questions answered, and were given tips to how to be vigilant and avoid situations. It actually makes me feel better going and thinking I would be at least a little prepared if someone tried to hurt me. 

I really enjoyed going, because it was helpful, I wasn’t sitting at home on a rainy night, and it was trying something new. This is a once a month event for women, and each month focuses on something different. Next month is safety at parties or when you are out for the night. They also have other types of Krav Maga classes there, and a friend of mine grabbed a flyer to try there more intense class of actual fighting. Stay tuned for that adventure. 

As the holidays approach stay safe and stay aware. 


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