My 2016 Non-Scale Goals Results

In a previous post back in May, I set myself some off scale goals. When I set these goals I never actually gave myself a due date. Some were implied because they had to do with vacationing, but for the rest I gave myself until the end of 2016 to complete them. Below you will find my results.

Goal- I am going to walk, run, bike, swim, and row to Hawaii (5,337 miles)
Status: Didn’t reach Hawaii but had fun doing it.
So my goal was to get there in honor of my honeymoon, which has since come and gone. But I never said I would make it there by my honeymoon. So I kept an Aulani log, and totaled my days. In total is was 912.08 miles from May 9th until December 31st. So I fell short of this goal by quite a bit, and I worked at it a little over 6 months. I feel as though I could have pushed myself harder but I did enjoy keeping a log to see if I could make a distance. I think I will plan another when the next vacation is booked!

Goal- I am going to complete the Running Shorts Series for RunDisney Virtual Races.
Status- Completed
Been there. Done that. Wrote a blog article on it. It was a blast and can’t wait for next summer, where I will make it a group activity.

Goal- I want to start a weight-training program.
Status- Not started yet.
I need to get started on this. I dabbled and puttered around the gym. I asked my sister for help maybe once. But now it is time to get my shit together. My upper body strength is still a joke.

Goal- I want to fit in my vacation clothes one day.
Status- Completed
I wore my vacation clothes, and felt so comfortable on my honeymoon. Even wore a romper for the first time. With my body shape I didn’t think I would ever pull off a romper. Hopefully I’ll need all new vacation clothes by the next time I do away.

Goal- I want to work yoga into my weekly schedule.
Status- In progress
I have been working yoga into my daily routine. My flexibility is actually slowly improving. I started very small, with an easy Exercise TV yoga video. I am noticing that the yoga video I am using is getting easier and easier. It’s getting to the point where Jim has even memorized the yoga video and the things the woman will say. I have also tried more intense yoga workouts, but I still stick with the basics until I am really ready. I am hoping to try Hot Yoga in 2017.

I feel as though I do better on my journey when I have off scale goals to work towards. It makes the journey more fun. All of these goals will made me stronger, more confident, and are just plain enjoyable. The ones that I didn’t accomplish, I just think to myself it’s only a matter of time. I didn’t accomplish them… yet. I’ll set myself another 5 solid off scale goals to work on in 2017. Stay tuned.


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