2017 Non-Scale Goals

My last post was an update on how my goals went that I set back in May 2016. Now that it is a new year, it is time to set some new goals to work on this year. These are not resolutions, something that I am going to try and then abandon. Instead they will be a work in progress, and I will update halfway through the year. Hopefully to say that I crushed them, and I need to set my sights on new goals.

Goal 1: Start building my upper body strengthupper
I am a weakling in the area of upper body strength. I cannot do a push up to save my life, and I would do 100 squats before I would do 1 tricep dip. So I will be working on my upper body. I am not sure how I will be measuring this, but I will figure out something.

Goal 2: Run a half marathon
I have done a 15k, and I really like pushing myself to accomplish new distances. So since I will be down in Florida in November the same weekend as one of their half marathons, I see that as a sign. I will start training now, and I will complete my very first half marathon in 2017.

Goal 3: Complete an entire Hot Yoga class without looking like a goon
So one of my past goals was to get yoga into my weekly schedule, which I did. I do the same yoga video, almost daily and can feel it really making a difference. I want to branch out and try more yoga. In adding it into my schedule I have found it helps with de-stressing and my flexibility. My big goal will be to improve on these skills, and try a hot yoga class without looking like an idiot/embarrassing myself. There is a yoga studio that specializes in it only 10 minutes from my house.

Goal 4: Read 5 health/fitness related books

I am not talking about reading a fad diet book. I want to read books on running, mental health, healthy eating, athletes, and other topics that are relevant to my fitness journey. Hopefully I will find books that will educate me or inspire me. Because I feel as though my journey is just as much mental as it is physical, and I will be stronger the more knowledge I have.

Goal 5: Goal pants

I had a similar goal with my vacation clothes. There is a pair of jeans that I own that I really want to fit into(the pants in the picture are the actual pants). If I wrestle I can get them up my legs, not buttoned or anything like that. Well, my goal is to fit into those jeans again. I think it’s important to me to have a goal outfit. These jeans are within reach if I work hard towards my fitness goals. Also if you are picking a goal outfit I think you should pick something within a healthy range. I am not going to pick a size 2 from the junior section, or something completely unflattering.

I always work harder when there is something for me to work for. Also I think putting my goals out for everyone to see gives me an extra kick in the ass. One thing I will always accept is help along my journey. If you know any books I should look up, upper body excises, yoga poses, etc. I welcome any and all help. On the flip side, if there is anyone out there with their own 2017 goals that I can help with I would love to help anyone else on their journey.


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