Snow Day=Fit Day

Just when I thought it was over, I mean we were wearing t-shirts with no jackets about a week ago. My runs had moved outdoors, and it was a sure sign that spring was just around the corner. Then we hear there is going to be a snowstorm. Since I work for a school this meant a snow day. I decided that this would be a fun and fit snow day!

The school made the call the night before, so I was able to sleep in a little bit. I started off the morning with a healthy breakfast, and then I knew I wanted to get a workout in. It was so nice to open the curtains in the living room, and do my workout while looking at the snow. First was Day 2 of the FitGirl challenge, which is a booty day. Right after that I took the time to do a “Yoga Revolution”, which is an amazing series that I have been using. The entire workout was about 1 hour, and after it was done I felt pretty accomplished. I felt strong, and I felt really proud of myself not letting my snow day be a lazy day.


The afternoon was blissfully filled with laundry, blogging, magazine reading, and other productive, yet enjoyable, things. This part of the day I dedicated to my mental health, and things I enjoy. If I were to just lie around and do nothing, I would have really been mad at myself. It would be like I wasted my day, however I didn’t want to do too much because it still was a day off. So I found a nice balance, and completed a few things I know I should get done, and then a few things I wanted to do just for me. We have clean sheets, clean clothes, lunch is all ready for tomorrow, and I did the little things I enjoy to do.

An added bonus to this day was the eating. Usually on a snow day I will eat, and eat some more. I will make snacks, bake cookies, and make huge unhealthy meals. Well today I had plenty of healthy snacks on hand, and pre planned my meals. It actually felt nice to gorge on something healthy, and I still had my hot tea that made it feel like a cozy snow day.

So a day off of work didn’t need to be a day off of being healthy. I used it to my advantage, instead of letting it derail me. But I must say I don’t want another snow day this year. I am ready to get back outside for some sunny days of fitness.


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