Fitness at the Flower Show

You wouldn’t expect it, but I found the Philadelphia Flower Show to be a very healthy outing. Jim and I had gone in years past, and this year my friend Kelly had two free tickets we were able to use. Every year there is a theme, and this year the theme was, “Holland”. It was filled with tulips, windmills, bicycles, and beautiful displays. My favorite was a very moving and beautiful display that was based off of the life of Anne Frank, who was in hiding in Amsterdam during WW II. If you do not know her story, take the time to read it. Then there were exhibits on creating gardens and habitats at local schools and parks. It wasn’t until we were there that it came with some pleasant health benefits.

First off the atmosphere was very good for my mental health. It was so calming, and made me so happy to just stroll the convention center with Jim. There are actually studies showing the benefits of being exposed to flowers and plants on your mental well-being. Barring any allergies, the smell of flowers can cause people to feel less anxious and put people in a better mood. It was the perfect way to recharge and wind down before a busy workweek.

Also I tried micro vegetables, and learned what a micro vegetable was. They are vegetable greens, with very distinctive flavors that are being used in fine dining restaurants. I was able to try red beet and tangerine. They both tasted amazingly flavorful, and it was only a small amount to pack so much flavor. The greens are picked before only after one week of being plated, so they are small sprouts. This was just a small section that had to do with nutrition.

Also I walked a total of 3 miles while I was there. We saw every exhibit and display there was to see. Then we went up and down the aisles of vendors. There were health teas, fresh flowers to buy, fake flowers to buy, yard decorations, and all kinds of neat things to browse. This helped me reach by Fit Bit step goal for the day.

Plus I got to leave with some free stuff! A casino in Philadelphia had a Plinko game, where I got a free sunflower jar. Just add water to grow a beautiful sunflower, which so happens to be my favorite kind of flower. Also there was a booth there for Kind Bars, which is a great healthy snack to have on hand. These weren’t sample size bars either, full sized bars, and so Jim and I grabbed them on the way in and then on the way out.

It wasn’t until we walked back to the car that I realized, “Wow that was a really fun and healthy things to do on a Sunday afternoon.” It gave me so many great ideas for new posts, and different things I want to read about and learn about. Not only was it a nice day for my physical health, but also for my mental health and things like stress management. Sometimes it’s not about a hard-core workout; a nice calm day can be the perfect fit day every so often.


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