It is a “Good Life”

So I have a health related guilty pleasure. I love reading, “The Good Life”; it’s the magazine by Dr. Oz. I don’t watch his show constantly, if I catch it I watch it but I don’t look for it. But last year a co-worker gave me one of his magazines, and I was hooked. I literally luxuriate, and take a long time to devour it.

I don’t buy myself one every month, and I don’t have a subscription. So it’s definitely a “treat yo self”, thing for me. But I bought one when I saw it out at Sam’s Club, and it took me one whole week to read it. Yes that’s right a whole week, I refuse to just flip through, and I won’t read the cover articles I am excited for first. I go from cover to cover reading every single article. When I saw every single article, I mean from the Ask Dr. Oz page through to the recipes in the back. I won’t rush through it, and if it gets loud or I have something to do I act like it’s a book and save my spot. There is no rhyme or reason to why it draws me in so much. But I seriously love the topics, and I get into a silent reading zone.

When I am done reading it, it’s time to destroy my precious magazine. Yes that’s right, I need to destroy it. Any recipe they have that I want to try later, for example this month was all different kinds of soup, I pull out and keep in a binder with other recipes. Next would be any products they talk about. I was pulling at those pages but that became unnecessary, so I just write down those. Next any articles I want to pass along to other are torn out. This month there is a sugar article I want to pass onto a co-worker, and I will force my husband to read the one of getting a good night of sleep.

I have had people tell me so many different things- “Just Google health articles online to read.”, “You do know he isn’t a ‘real’ doctor.”, “I hate TV doctors, I am surprised you do.”, and so many others, but I seriously don’t care. I enjoy this for me. Does anyone else have a health/fitness related guilty pleasure? You drag out the thigh master? Boogie down with Richard Simmons? Hoard pamphlets from weight watchers?


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  1. amazingkb says:

    My guilty pleasure is Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper– follow-stalk and adore them both to the ends of the earth<3

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