Year One is Done! Happy Blog-versary to me!

One year ago today my first blog post was published. It was all about how I wanted to be more fit. How in the past I had been a weird dieter, and I loved being active but wasn’t quite fit. So I decided to start my journey, and share different things I have learned or experienced with anyone who actually reads this. Starting this blog was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This has been one of hell of a year. Some things didn’t happen, other things did, and there was so much support from those around me. 

Let’s start with what didn’t happen. I did NOT become a paradigm of perfect health and fitness. There was no dropping of extreme weight, or adopting a diet of only the healthiest of foods. I didn’t become an extreme athlete, I can’t flip a monster truck tire(though I haven’t tried) or run a 5 minute mile. Also I didn’t become internet famous, because let’s face it that wasn’t the point and even more so why would I? I appreciate that the people on this journey with me are made up of my friends and family, and a few new people I have picked up along the way. 

So here are the awesome things that did happen. First thing is that I tried new workouts, and gave myself some fun and challenging goals. Fitness and health became a sort of hobby, without becoming an obsession. In the past year, instead of jumping on a fad I made sure to read up on it first. I have learned quite a bit about fitness and about myself.  I’ve found ways to build my own fitness community, comprised of people I have connected with via FitGirl, friends who are also into health and fitness, co-workers, and family. There are people I know who struggle with fitness, health, and body image issues, and I had no clue they had similar issues as me. My own mental wellness has really improved through this journey. I am still working on it, but I have found healthy ways to deal with stress, emotional eating, negative talk, and other harmful things to my mental state. Along the way I began focusing on the journey, and how much fun I was having over the losing of weight. I actually haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks. That’s another thing I have gained, I feel good, my clothes are fitting better, and people say I look like I have lost weight, therefore I don’t need the scale as much as I used to. 

Most importantly I have become a more fit minded person on a more daily basis after all of this. Instead of a “I’ll start next week,” or someone who does great then forgets all about it for the rest of the month. I now make the conscious effort to get up and move, drink more water, incorporate healthy foods into my meals, and other things that contribute to my fit and healthy lifestyle. I am not saying I did this perfect everyday. I will always have lazy days and I will always love me some macaroni and cheese, but I have made many strides that have improved my daily life.  

I’m so excited to be heading into year two of my blog. There are so many things to try, people to connect with, and I am not the healthiest version of myself… yet. The first year was all about figuring things out, building a base of my journey. I’m so excited to climb mountains, figuratively and maybe even literally, as I continue on. 

Thank you to all who support my journey:

This whole thing, my journey and sharing it with the people that choose to read it, is because of the amazing support I receive from so many people. I will never be able to thank these people enough, nor do I think they will ever truly grasp how the little things they do all add up to make my journey possible. First a HUGE shout out to the FitGirl community, I have blogged about it, I check in a few times a week, and this collection of amazing women motivates me on a daily basis. They cheer and comment on my own daily postings, and share their stories as well. Next I have my co-workers, I am lucky enough to work in a place like I do where we have the opportunity to actually bond and care about one another. I am in a chat group with some, where if I ever have a problem or I want to ask a random question fitness related or not, they are like a support team. There are co-workers I have walked with on lunch or before work and enjoyed a work out with after work hours. They also read this blog, and always have the kindest and most encouraging things to say about it, which means so much to me. So for my all my friends at work, know that I adore and appreciate every wonderful thing you have ever said to me. My friends have also been a constant support to me in so many ways. To name and thank them all individually would be insane, but they should know who they are. Some have been asked to edit my various posts when I have needed it. They have gone to different classes with me, tried healthy recipes, told me about different things I should try, and have always just encouraged everything I have done. I would be lost without them, I have one who has given me bags of protein bars and shakes to try, then another friend and I literally text from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed and will always give me the truth good/bad/in between. My parents are pretty awesome, I have to say I am very lucky. There are times I argue with my mom, she will ask, “So how did you do with eating and working out this week?” My response will be, “Why? Do I look fat? Are you calling me fat!?!?!” But my parents are always encouraging me in everything I do. My mom loves seeing my medals, and asks about different things I am trying. My dad is very sports minded, and always makes sure I have what I need. He’s an avid golfer so he has no shortage of rain wear, which he offered my last run. If I ever want to wander Dick’s sporting goods for stuff, he will do the same. Both my parents want me to be healthy and fit, and have tried to help me be that way my whole life. Someone who has absolutely 100% been a constant source of everything on this journey is my sister. Maggie has done everything for me. She has not let me call myself fat or be too hard on myself, but then doesn’t mind giving me a kick in ass when I need it(sometimes it’s a literal one). Whenever I want to try something like a class, she is always asking how it is or pointing me in the right direction. She is constantly giving blog ideas, things to try, books to read, and so many other things along my fitness journey. Later this year when I complete the half marathon I am so glad to have my big sister by my side. Last, but certainly not least, I am so thankful to my husband Jim. When I first started my journey he was on board, and ready to encourage me. He has tried all kinds of recipes, gone to the gym with me, and dealt with me when I have been moody. Jim drops me off for my races, and even for a couple fitness classes. On our honeymoon he woke up at 5 am to try Tai Chi with me, and this is a man who loves his sleep. He never minds when I need time to work on the blog, fill in my food log, or do something else related to my fitness journey. There have been times where he was my editor, or my sounding board for different things. After my races he even voluntarily massaged my legs and even rubbed my feet! He makes this journey more fun and so much easier and is the best partner to have on any journey I take in any part of my life. 


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  1. laurakump says:

    We really are on a similar path! Lots of parallels.

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