A Breakdown of Spring Break

When some people think of Easter, they think of chocolate bunnies, small children screaming in terror as they are forced to sit on the lap of an often terrifying looking rabbit, and pastel colored everything. Hopefully they also know that is the day that Jesus rose from the grave in fulfillment of the scriptures. As someone who works in education I get 3 extra days off of work (Good Friday, Easter Monday, and Tuesday as a bonus), as a Spring Break. I used this to get things done in my personal life, and to get some theatre stuff situated for the summer program I work for. Also my husband Jim has a convention in Atlantic City, so we spent a night down there. But also I used it as a time to organize some fitness information. This blog is supposed to hold me accountable so I can put down where I am struggling, because I am human. There were a few rough times over the break with my being healthy. So here is what my Easter weekend looked like in terms of food, physical activity, and mentally.

Food- My weak spot over the weekend was definitely snacking. The problem was that I started out great, and then two different days I went crazy. My father made amazing seafood gumbo and we had cake for my husband, I didn’t stuff myself and had a small piece of cake. Then my mom made me a really healthy breakfast Easter Sunday, eggs with turkey bacon on whole-wheat toast. Easter dinner I ate but didn’t over eat. Also I did NOT eat any candy out of my Easter Basket from my parents, I let Jim do that. But there were two days, where I skipped lunch. Both days the same thing happened, super healthy breakfast followed by skipping lunch. Fast forward to dinner, where I eat a nice but just snacked and snacked after. At first I was still kind of hungry, but then I just kept on eating for some reason. It was all this nighttime snacking, and it was really hard not to feel super down on myself after. This made me realize that I do a lot of late night boredom binge eating. Something I will look into fixing. Thankfully every morning I would start fresh, and the last two days of break went well. Jim and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in Atlantic City, and I left not over stuffed. They even gave us some free champaign.

Physical Activity- As far as working out goes, I had a great Easter break. I am following a half marathon-training program, and I did every workout I needed to. On my rest days I made sure to not be completely sedentary and keep myself moving. Easter happened to fall on a rest day, and so my husband and I took his mom’s dog for a walk because the weather was so nice. The day after Easter I felt really sluggish with my eating binge, but I made sure to complete my workout first thing when I woke up. Doing this put me in the mindset to fix my crappy eating. When I was in Atlantic City with Jim, I used the hotel’s Fitness Center, went for a walk on the boardawalk, and then did yoga back in the room with the curtains opened so I could see the view of the ocean. Where I struggled with snacking, my workouts have actually been really great. I feel more energized, and I am feeling really accomplished.

Mentally – I was in a really good place this whole break. Spending time with my family, and then my husband’s family went well. I got to see my sister on Good Friday, but she was extremely sick over the weekend and so it was the first Easter I didn’t see her. Super bummer. But over the break I had a good amount of time to spend with my husband, which always boosts my mental health. It was his birthday weekend, so a lot of good times. Taking time to de-stressing, and get my head on straight. I made myself a few to do lists, and told myself to just slowly chip away at them all weekend. This made me feel like I actually accomplished a few things. Another boost to my mental well-being is that Monday marked the beginning of the new FitGirl Challenge. These challenges help me connect with the fitness community, and ladies on a similar journey. This break really did a lot in getting my head on straight, and putting me in a positive frame of mind.

So that was my break in a nutshell. It wasn’t perfect, but people who are perfect are annoying. I had my issues, but that’s why I am here. I hope everyone else had a great Easter. What were some of your struggles over the holiday weekend? What has you back on track?


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