Take Care of Pain, or No Gain


Lately I have been having some heel pain, ok some days it’s a lot of heel pain. It’s not a recent injury, and it’s something I could have prevented. It’s definitely made me listen to my body. 

So over a year ago I was experiencing pain in my ankle, and in my heel. It would so painful when I would first get out of bed that I could barely walk on it. I was convinced it was plantar faciatis, and I would need a dozen needles in my foot. This is because anytime I have any kind of medical issue my mind goes to a dozen needles. But thankfully my sister recommended a great orthopedic place. 

They informed me it was actually achilis tendonitis, and that I needed a brace for at night and to do physical therapy. So I went to PT, did the stretches the physical therapist Jackie gave to me to do at home two times a day everyday. As far as the brace I wore it nightly, and it wasn’t too bad. I would put it on while I was lounging before bed, reading and watching tv. But I would fall asleep with it on, and then wake up in the middle of the night and take it off. I still haven’t figured out why I don’t keep it on all night, I just groggily take it off. This made all the difference, with the stretching and the brace I was pain free. 

Fast forward the past year or so, and I wear the brace less than I should. I do stretch, but not as much as I when I had to face the PT every week. But my heel was still relatively pain free, and the occasional pain I could stretch away. Then I made a decision, but I didn’t start preparing for it properly. I made the decision to start training for my very first half marathon. It’s going to be November 5th of this year. I should have made sure to start my stretching again, and spend some time in the brace. 

First two weeks of training were great! I love my training schedule with all its versatility, and I was really feeling great. Then starting at the end of week 3, and all through week 4, I was in pain. Not only would my heel be in pain when I first woke up, but most of the day. It was more painful than I remembered before. When I went to close out week 4 with my long run, I couldn’t do it. My heel pain was throwing off my stride, and I wanted to give up so bad. I ended up walking the most of it, but I covered the distance. The rest of the day I was in throbbing pain. 

The reason for the pain? I wasn’t doing what I was suppose to. Why? I was being just plain lazy. I am working hard towards the goal, I was doing all my workouts, and yet I was taking the extra time I should to take care of myself. I wasn’t listening to my body, and I was really just bringing this upon myself. I am taking all this time to do the training, but not the time to prep and recover myself to prevent injuries. Well here it is folks, that all changes now. I will not sideline myself with something preventable. 

Here’s my plan of attack, go back to how it was during my first flair up. A stretch session as soon as I wake up, and then one pre-bed. The pre-bed one will be followed by putting on my brace. Also I am reading up on stretches pre and post workouts, because I’ll admit that’s where I totally slack. 

This is all part of my fitness journey. Sometimes it’s not about pushing yourself to limits, but learning to listen to my body so I know how to keep myself in working order. And it’s not a when I feel like I’ll take care of myself, if I want to reach my goals it has to be an everyday thing. I don’t want to permanently sideline myself, or go off track. 

My Stretches: This is what I did twice a day, given to me by a PT. Do not think this will solve your problem, if you are in pain. Please do research, and if you are in pain go to an orthopedist and/or physical therapist. 

Calf stretch 

1. Place your hands on a wall for balance. You can also do this with your hands on the back of a chair, a countertop, or a tree. 

2. Step back with your left leg. Keep the leg straight, and press your left heel into the floor. 

3. Press your hips forward, bending your right leg slightly. You will feel the stretch in your left calf. 

4. Hold for at least 15 to 30 seconds.

5. Repeat 2 to 4 times for each leg.

Wall Stretch 

1. Place hands on a wall for balance. 

2. Place toes of foot against the wall, while keeping your heel on the ground.

3. Bend knee if that leg towards the wall, feeling the stretch along the back of your calf and your ankle. 

4. Hold for at least 15 to 30 seconds.

5. Repeat 2 to 4 times for each leg. 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Holy crap I’ve been having the worst pain recently because I stopped doing these two (recommended by podiatrist, chiro, AND massage therapist). Last night I was like THAT’S IT, I need to start them up again. Seeing this blog today was a sign.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bshanbefit says:

      If I keep up with everything I feel great. If I don’t I pay for it.


  2. meesh107 says:

    YES! So smart, taking a proactive approach as soon as you feel it. I know you said you let it go, but it sounds like you are getting yourself right back into a smart routine. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bshanbefit says:

      Oh yeah I can’t play games if I want to do all the things I want to.


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