My Week of Pizza

 I ate pizza for a week. Let me clarify, I ate pizza for one meal for a week. This idea was born from the fact that I would read fitness magazines and there would be articles about pizza. How to make a healthy runners pizza, benefits of pizza, and pizza recipes. I would pull them out and save to try later. So I decided that for one week I would try 5 of the recipes, and then try two of the frozen pizzas that were deemed healthy. Originally I was going to sporadically try the recipes, but I figured if I did them close together I could compare and contrast. Plus I could rank them! I must say that even though they are ranked, none of them were bad or inedible. Jim was 100% on board for a week of pizza. Below you will find our rankings, this is not the order we ate them in, then you can see how Jim ranked them. At the very bottom the recipes!

My cart halfway through getting my ingredients.
  1. Whole Wheat Pizza with Ricotta and Greens

    There is a lot more collard greens under the sausage and cheese.  

    This pizza was an absolute win. First off it all smelled wonderful. One change is that I don’t like too much spicy stuff, so I went with sweet Italian sausage instead. I decided I wanted to make it deep dish, so I put it in a foil throw away tray. Jim said he loved that because the oil, and any leftover juice from the collard greens and sausage meat soaked into the crust. It was amazing! I picked mine up and at it like pizza, while Jim said he has to fork this one because of the toppings could fall off. It also was super easy to make, browning the meat took the longest prep time. Then it was just pop it in the oven. The day we ate this we did a little bit of outside work and I did 60 minutes of cardio. It was the perfect filling meal.
    Recipe for Whole Wheat Pizza with Ricotta and Greens

  2. Cauliflower Pizza Margherita

    I did not think I would be able to pull this one off at all. I didn’t think the crust would stick together, and had visions of a crumbling mess in my head. But that was not the case at all. It was a little soft, but I think that’s because I could have squeezed the cauliflower more after steaming it. The edges of the crust were perfectly done, and tasted so delicious! I enjoyed this one so much, and it was another one where I felt satisfied after having as a mean on a busy day. This one took the most prep time, but was well worth the work. 

    Recipe for Cauliflower Pizza Margherita

  3. Portobello Mushroom Mini Pizza

    Piled high with toppings.

    The mushroom “pizza”, was definitely a knife and fork meal. The mushrooms didn’t make a harder crust, so you couldn’t pick it up to the ear it. But I was 100% ok with that, as was Jim. The recipe said to add your own toppings, so I added some asparagus and some cut up chicken. It was such a good and filling meal. I think it was more like a mushroom parm, but it was still delicious.
    Recipe for Portobello Mushroom Mini Pizzas

  4. Lemony Asparagus and Goat Cheese Pita Pizza
    IMG_5244I loved the toppings on this one, it had some great flavors. Plus I love greens on my pizza, and I enjoyed the combo of mozzarella and goat cheese. The downsides were I already feel like pesto can have an almost lemony flavor, so I think I would easier on the lemon zest. Also the edges of the pita were a little too crispy. They crumbled and you couldn’t really eat the parts of the pita that had no topping or sauce. The the middle was perfect consistency. I want to try this recipe again, but make a few adjustments.
    Recipe for Lemony Asparagus and Goat Cheese Pita Pizza

  5. Runner’s Pie

    Next time I want to make it more colorful.

    This wasn’t so much a recipe as it was a guideline. It was how to build your own runner/healthy pizza. We were having this with a friend who can be a picky eater. I think next time I will try some different toppings and get crazy. The reason I made this is because it was basic, and a create your own style pizza. It was more filling than the frozen pizzas, but definitely not as interesting and tasty as the other pizzas. I think I need to be more creative in my create your own pizza making.
    The Runner’s Pie Guidelines

  6. Newman’s Own Mediterranean

    When I first opened the box it was definitely a let down. I knew it wasn’t going to be loaded with toppings, but they were just clumped in the middle. Also there wasn’t very much to it. So I threw on a handful of mushrooms and a some spinach on it for some bonus toppings. Once cooked it actually was pretty darn good as far as frozen pizzas go. It was a quick and easy dinner.
    Nutritional Info for Newman’s Own Mediterranean Pizza

  7. Amy’s Margherita Pizza

    There was nothing wrong with this pizza. It was a good pizza. But compared to the others it wasn’t as filling, and was just pizza. We had this as a lunch, and it worked really well after getting home from my long run. It was a quick and easy meal as we got ready for going out later that day. I wanted a gluten free option, and I honestly couldn’t tell it was gluten free. It wasn’t bad, just wasn’t anything to rave about.
    Nutritional Info for Amy’s Margherita Pizza

Jim’s Picks- This is how Jim ranked the different pizzas. He didn’t have any complaints on eating pizza for a week.
1) Whole Wheat Pizza with Ricotta and Greens
2) Cauliflower Pizza Margherita
3) Newman’s Own Mediterranean
4) Portobello Mushroom Mini Pizzas
5) Lemony Asparagus and Goat Cheese Pita Pizzas
6) Runner’s Pie
7) Amy’s Margherita Pizza 


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  1. meesh107 says:

    Those all look AMAZING! A week of pizza sounds like heaven to me!


    1. bshanbefit says:

      It was soooo delicious and fun.


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