Be Well Philly Boot Camp Kicked Butt

When I first heard about the Be Well Philly Boot Camp I knew I had to see what it was all about. It is presented by Philadelphia Magazine and Independence Blue Cross (an insurance company). It was Saturday June 3rd, at Drexel University, as I said before I am super lucky to live only 20 minutes from the city so I have access to all kinds of awesome events. The Boot Camp includes fitness classes in over 5 different areas, cooking demonstrations, half hour-long speakers, and 15-minute flash chats, and tickets were $50. Also they gave you breakfast, lunch, and a happy hour after. It claimed to be “The Ultimate Health & Fitness Event for Woman”, and it totally lived up to it! They day went so fast, that there was no way that I could have done it all.

“Come by corny and take a picture with me and this thing.”- Me to Nicole

I went with one of my all time favorite fitness motivator Nicole. First we signed in and got our free bag, and we began planning out some things we wanted to hit up. After grabbing some free breakfast, which was fruit, yogurt, and water (they had coffee but I don’t drink it at all), we went upstairs to check things out. First we went through the “Market Place”, where there were about 46 vendors, offering giveaways, free samples, health information, and having you sign up for mailing lists. All of the vendors were health related, whether it was a food company or restaurant, workout group or gym, and then there were also health care screenings and information on mental health. It’s a good thing they give you a free bag, because the entire thing is completely packed within minutes. A bunch of places had chances to win free workouts, and things of that nature. I won 3 free classes from Core Fitness, which is an outdoor boot camp style workout that takes place outdoors. We only did half of the marketplace before the first class, and had to reorganize our bags so everything would fit. For the first class we decided to try was “Boxing + Beats”, which was suppose to be a 45 minute cardio boxing class. Only problem was that we were in the wrong location… The class was taking place by the large tent; we went under the large tent. So we ended in, “Pop Divas Workout Party”, which wasn’t a terrible mistake. We met up with a regular from Philly Dance Fitness, Kirwei, and we all hung around together for the event. I don’t know I thought this was going to be a cardio class, but it was definitely more of a conditioning and sculpting class. I LOVED the music they played; I flipped out when “Work”, by Rihanna came on. It was a lot of squats, and I enjoyed the class but I wouldn’t say I absolutely loved it. After that we decided to get in line for a class in one of the studios where space was limited. If you have read my other posts you’ll know I love Philly Dance Fitness, and when Nicole and I heard they were giving a class we knew we had to hit that one up. It was their “Dance Party Boot Camp” class. This class was an absolute ass kicker of a workout, and so much fun. It’s upbeat cardio smashed with HIIT moves. In 45 minutes I was drenched in sweat and felt amazing. I know I could have gone to a class I was unfamiliar with, but I couldn’t pass up something I knew was a guaranteed great workout.

After that I was intrigued by Drexel University Running Performance & Research Center. They had some camera set up by the treadmills, and information for correcting your running form in order to prevent injuries. I did tell them right away that I was told that I have Achilles tendonitis, and stretch for it and wear a night brace. I also informed them that I was not wearing my running sneakers today. The guy told me that fine and that I could do it anyway. I hopped on a treadmill and ran for about 2 minutes. After that he gave me a brief rundown, I am a heel striker, which is quite common, and that I have perfect position of the shin to the ground during foot strike. That made me kind of happy, because I am doing something right! He told me my form was nice overall, and was surprised they didn’t try to sell you on their running packages. The whole thing took maybe 5-10 minutes. Then I headed to lunch with the ladies, and I had the most amazing salad ever! It was from Sweet Green, and called the “Harvest Bowl”. Probably one of the best salads I have ever had, and we all ate outside on the steps.

The best salad I have ever eaten in my entire life!

The weather was gorgeous, and it was nice to rest after all of the morning’s activities. To end the day we meandered through the rest of the market place, gathering up a few more free samples before heading out.

All of the awesome food and snackie samples!
The non food giveaways.
All of my info packets.

For next year I think I am going to try one of the pool classes, and bring my yoga mat with me in case I feel like taking something that requires a mat. Also I really focused on the workout classes and checking out the marketplace, and I think next time I will take in some of the speakers or flash chats. The one time we did walk by, and considered it, but it was already packed. I didn’t listen to any this year, but I want to try to get more information that way next year.

Overall the event wasn’t over crowded at all, but there were tons of people there. My only criticism is that there were too many awesome things to see. What a problem to have! I wish it were maybe an hour or two long longer, or even a two-day event. I’m so excited to try and review all the samples I grabbed, and to try my free workouts from Core Fitness. It was well worth the price of admission, and I can’t wait for next year.


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