Summer Struggles

The first half of summer was not how I intended it to be. I always tell myself that summer is going to be like fat camp. That I will have all my pre-planned meals, I’ll workout in between theatre rehearsals, and I’ll look in top shape by July 4th. It doesn’t usually happen, some summers are easier than others. As I get to the mid point to summer, and the close of summer theatre for me I wanted to share some of my summer struggles. I started out strong like I usually do. I planned my meals, told myself I would get my workouts in no matter what, and then told Jim we would not be rush-eating Wawa.

The only thing I actually stuck with was my exercising. I have been training for my half marathon, and didn’t want to lose momentum. So I didn’t let my myself skip a workout, and kept at it, even running 12 miles the day after a show! I would come home from one rehearsal, and got in my cross training. I would wake up early on weekends, and made sure I got my long runs in. There were nights I was exhausted, but I knew I had pushed myself harder than I had in the past.

Diners in South Jersey are a theatre staple. And the food isn’t exactly the healthiest. 

As far as my eating that went off the rails, and went off hard. First it was with the lunches. I had been prepared by packing Jim and I lunches, so we wouldn’t over eat. That quickly went out the window, and I was eating my lunch plus soft pretzels and other junk. Then dinners quickly followed. We would be picking things up in-between, or I would be getting in a workout. Which meant we were eating something quick before night rehearsals, or we weren’t eating until 10:00 at night to eat dinner (which was usually something not so healthy). I went from making dinner to eating anything I could get my hands on. We lived off of Chick-fil-a, Wendy’s, and Wawa. Now that lunches and dinners were unhealthy, toss in some stress eating and I was worse than I was before summer even started. Candy bars, crackers, popcorn, and my stomach is hurting and I am feeling so disgusting. Jim is feeling the same. We are both so disappointed in ourselves and knowing that we need to change.

So what is the new plan of attack? I am finally at the point where I am in my final tech week. I only have rehearsals 8:30-12:30 each day. So now my evenings are free again. First thing first is treats are only once a week now. No more stress eating, and healthy snacks only. Also now with this extra time back to meal prepping and cooking dinners. Putting some organization and control into my three daily meals is going to make me feel so much better. I am actually excited to get myself reset and back on track.

The ultimate reset after a show.

I am not giving myself more time to get ready, “Oh I’ll start next week”. And I am not going to throw a pity party for the mistakes I made, or sit here and rationalize them. I messed up. And it’s time to fix and a move forward.

Anyone else have struggles this summer? I would love to help anything and be a sounding board on how to finish out the summer strong.


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