My name is Bridgette Shannon, and I have struggled with my health and fitness for most of my life. I have tried Slim Quick, Weight Watchers, Special K Challenge, cleanses, and more. Always with the wrong focus of being thin and losing the pounds. Nothing I tried worked and my weight would just yo-yo. For my job I work with children, and I always wondered what kind of example I was setting for them. I would snack any chance I got during the day, and then when I came home I would eat some more.

Recently I have been connecting with what I like to call the “Fit Community”, and trying new things. My mindset has shifted from I need to lose the weight to I want to get fit. I have found that the wanting has pushed me out of my comfort zone to have fun with getting healthy. Now I am doing things my way. Tools I am picking up along the way, and tips I am learning through social media and that community I now hold very dear. In my posts you hear about the fitness victories, workouts I am trying, new recipes, and other things that happen to me along my fit journey. I have a long way to go, but I am ready to take the steps.